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Taipei City Museum of Art by Studio_Kick

Taipei City Museum

Project: Taipei City Museum of Art
Designed by Studio_Kick
Design Team: Bernado Garcia, Pey Lung, Steven Tsai, Ximing Liu
Collaborators: Marta Glez, Leo Mulvehill, Loukia Tsafoulia
Client: New Taipei City Government
Site Area: 20,000 sqm
Project Area: 51,045 sqm
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Architects at Art By Studio_Kick besides creating a new landmark for the city of Taipei, also seriously approach to the solution of urban aspects of the Taipei City Museum' site and the surround area.

Taipei City MuseumTaipei City MuseumTaipei City MuseumTaipei City MuseumTaipei City MuseumTaipei City MuseumTaipei City Museum

From the Architects:

Establishing an isolated but easily accessible space on site generates interaction in the field that merges art with people’s everyday life. This museum not only provides a physical form, but a space that evokes natural public flow. It is a flexible space which houses different activities and links them to art and culture. The museum becomes the city’s lobby or ‘The Gathering Field.’

The site is located between Yingge Rock and Yinggle River. By creating a neutral space isolated from the city and nature, it creates a space for gathering. People looking at art, people looking at people and people at commercial activities adjacent to the museum are all as interrelated as possible.

Source ArchDaily. *

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