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House in Encinitas by dasMOD

dasMOD and Handsome Salt designed this stunning midcentury single family house located in Encinitas, California in 2016. Take a look at the complete story below.

This single story, 80s inspired home quickly became a labor of love for the dasMOD Founders, Erik Gilmer and Sven Simon. The duo stumbled upon 2222 Via Tiempo, when looking for homes to repurpose that weren’t totally perfect but also not in shambles.
The house is located East of the 5 freeway, in an up-and-coming Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA neighborhood. With good bones, a solid foundation, and ample square footage, the dasMOD team quickly recognized the flaws of the house could be corrected with a great vision and excellent craftsmanship to maximize the views and functionality. Translation: Big changes with a multi-faced open floor plan and versatile private rooms could transition this 80’s classic home into a California cool, modern space.
A modern mix of unpretentious, yet luxurious design elements resulted in an awe-inspiring, sophisticated and lighthearted living space with a seamless transition between indoors and out. The extraordinary high ceilings and volume contributes to its welcome feeling.
The public areas of the house, such as the kitchen, dining, living, and entertaining areas open up towards the backyard with sit-down white-water ocean views beyond.
Natural light and a thoughtful use of color knit everything together at 2222 Via Tiempo. The dasMOD team are designers at heart. Specificity is reflected at all scales, from the whole scale of the property down to the minute details; the cabinetry, specific tiles, hardware, and lighting choices throughout creating a true showcase for designer professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Interior design by Handsome Salt

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