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House in Romeira: dp arquitectos’ Modern Take on Portuguese Heritage

dp arquitectos’ House in Romeira is a study in modern fragmentation and harmony.

Photography Ivo Tavares

Located on the outskirts of Romeira in Santarém, the House in Romeira by dp arquitectos is a masterful fusion of contemporary design and traditional Portuguese architectural elements.


This residence, meticulously crafted to model its own unique space, stands as a beacon of existential and humanized architecture, embodying both concrete form and profound purpose.

Photography Ivo Tavares

Architectural Vision and Design

The design of House in Romeira is rooted in the enhancement of visual alignments over the surrounding territory. This approach ensures that the house not only integrates seamlessly with its urban and landscape context but also establishes itself as a potential visual landmark. The house’s access route is deliberately indirect, creating a hidden pathway that circles a small hill and ascends beside a preserved patch of holm oaks. This thoughtful design choice provides an intentional distance from the public road, offering privacy and transforming the approach into a journey that allows visitors to visually absorb the structure before reaching its entrance.

Photography Ivo Tavares

Spatial Organization and Fragmentation

The architecture of House in Romeira is characterized by the aggregation of multiple spaces, each contained within its own volume. These volumes, defined by their distinct topological attributes, create a series of autonomous yet interconnected spaces. This fragmentation of the whole into smaller elements achieves a dematerialization of the building’s total mass, making it appear less imposing and more integrated with its natural surroundings.

Each space within the residence boasts its own identity and programmatic function, contributing to a dynamic and versatile living environment. The design leverages contemporary aesthetic and constructive aspects, ensuring that the house is both modern in appearance and practical in function.

Photography Ivo Tavares

Inspiration from the Portuguese Rural Landscape

House in Romeira pays homage to the heritage of Portuguese rural architecture, particularly the traditional “montes.” These rural edifices, often found in dominant positions within the landscape, consist of informal clusters of volumes. This inspiration is evident in the house’s layout and form, which reflect a similar approach to positioning and integration with the surrounding environment.

The residence’s volumetric composition draws from these rural themes, reinterpreting them through a contemporary lens. This blend of traditional and modern elements results in a house that is both respectful of its historical context and forward-thinking in its design.

dp arquitectos’ House in Romeira is a striking example of how modern architecture can draw inspiration from traditional forms while creating something entirely new and unique. Its careful attention to visual alignment, spatial fragmentation, and integration with the landscape makes it a standout project in contemporary residential design. This house not only offers a sophisticated and private living space but also serves as a visual and architectural reference point within the outskirts of Romeira.

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