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House NUR by Abdenur Arquitectos

Abdenur Arquitectos designed this stunning 519 m2 residence situated in the Southern outskirts of the City of Córdoba, Argentina, in 2019. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

A more introverted design shapes the front of the house as it extends over the front yard welcoming visitors to enter, while also anticipating to generate a contrast of great openness and continuity when discovering its interior spatiality.

From the closed components in its main façade to the dilution of its inner limits, the house opens up and invites the entire exterior space inwards as it generates a clear sequence of air, light, water and vegetation; as a result, the house becomes a part of the landscape in which it is set.
The intricate and harmonious relation of surfaces and volumes that shapes the building leads to strategically locate the private areas along one of the sides of the lot, giving more space to the sequence of open areas to which the house turns to.

The intersection between social and private areas give place to an intimate living room that incorporates a study room upstairs. The resulting verticality in the shape of the building gives the second level uninterrupted visuals from North to West, and an interior / exterior continuity to a large accessible terrace.

Materiality, color and carefully selected textures were arranged in the space in order to generate spots of brightness, reflections and contrasts of shadows, highlighting the great attention to details that give the house character and identity.
In contrast, the lighting project seeks a complete transformation in the final image of the project; new colors, reflections and contrasts lead us to rediscover the work in its entirety.

Photography by Gonzalo Viramonte

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