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House for two artists by AB CHVOYA

AB CHVOYA designed this inspiring 159.0 m2 residence for the family of 2 artists in Roschino, Vyborgsky District, Russia, in 2018. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: This is a house for the family of two artists in Roschino, sixty kilometers from Saint-Petersburg. The house is located on the edge of a settlement, just by the forest. The plot is a bit sloped, it is completely covered with conifer trees and has two anthills on it. The position and dimensions of the building are predefined by the environment. A long narrow volume of the house is placed in such a way that it preserves all the flora and fauna of the site.


The house is 30 by 5.5 meters in size. It consists of a studio and a residential part separated by a transit porch. The residential part consists of an entrance area, a kitchen-living-dining area, two bedrooms for children and guests and a master bedroom. Sleeping places in small rooms are located on the mezzanine. Above the master bedroom, in an only protrusion, there is a space for yogic meditation.

Following the plot’s slope, the floor level rises from the workshop to the bedrooms, while the roof level is set constant. The roof slopes to the south, so as to provide northern exposure to mezzanines in the bedrooms and the studio. The exterior of the house is faced with carbonized wooden planks.

Photography by Dmitry Tsyrencshikov

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