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Real Estate: 6 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home

Real estate is harder than you can imagine however our editor prepares 6 ways to improve the value of your home:

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We’re almost halfway through the year, and if you haven’t already considered the ways you can upgrade your home and increase property value, you may be missing out something important on the real estate market. Not all upgrades were created equal, and determining which home improvements add to home value and which don’t is a key piece of the puzzle. Read about six home improvement options that can be a beneficial investment that see many homeowners recouping their costs.

Go Energy Efficient

Modern buyers browse for homes with energy efficiency in mind. Consider the ways you can add eco-friendly upgrades to your home. Are your old windows drafty and frosted up? Investing in new energy efficient windows could help you save money in energy bills and give your house a major aesthetic upgrade. Perhaps you have old appliances that could do with a revamp; purchasing Energy Star dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines can help your home function better and seem more appealing to searching buyers. Looking for a major overhaul that will put you on the forefront of the solar energy scene? Consider investing in solar panels. There are still plenty of rebates and government offers available for homeowners who choose to adopt renewable energy within their homes. You can find easy financing for solar panels through companies like Renovate America, and have professional installers turn a plain old roof into an energy-creating marvel.

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Hire a Professional Painter (or Grab a Paintbrush)

Never underestimate the power of a paintbrush. A fresh coat of paint on the interior and exterior of your home can add major value—not to mention a healthy dose of curb appeal—to your property. If you’re looking to redo the entirety of your home, it’s in your best interest to hire a professional painter to handle the nitty gritty details. If you’re set on doing it yourself, be sure to buy quality paint and take your time to ensure the job is done right.

Add a Bathroom

Few additions can increase the value of your home as well as an additional bathroom. If you live in an area rife with families, you can bet the number of bathrooms in your home will become a point of contention when it comes time to sell. Adding even just a half bath can significantly increase your home’s value by simply modernising your bathroom with a few simple additions. Whether it’s a guest bathroom off the living room or a second bathroom upstairs, overhauling your plumbing can be a costly endeavour, so make sure you work with an experienced professional.

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Reconsider Your Floor Plan

Buyers are looking for open floor plans. Consider the ways you can revamp your floor plan to better reflect this layout. This could mean knocking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room or widening your windows to allow more natural light to flood in. Open living spaces help improve house traffic, add space without costly renovations, and increase the amount of light in your home.

Improve Storage Solutions

Regardless of your home’s size, it’s important to look for ways to expand your storage options. Installing top-level cabinetry provides space for those items that aren’t used on a daily basis, high shelves in any room of the home, storage bench seats and caddies in the kitchen are just a few of the ways you can extend your property’s storage ability.

Don’t Ignore Your Landscaping

Don’t limit your renovations to the interior of your home. Be sure to extend your upgrades to the landscaping in your front and back yard. There are many ways to increase value through yard improvements. Adding a deck can increase the value of your home, as outdoor living spaces have become more popular in the age of the “staycation”. Planting a mature tree in the front of your home can increase value by thousands of dollars. Consider hiring a landscaper to help you plan out some major yard overhauls and pump up your curb appeal this spring.

Increasing the value of your home doesn’t always mean investing tens of thousands of dollars. Looking for ways to improve your home to make it more enticing for searching buyers? Consider one of these six home improvement options and make a difference in your property value in 2017.

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