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Muller Villa by Andrea Pelati Architecte

Andrea Pelati Architecte designed this beautiful villa located in Cortaillod, Switzerland, in 2016. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: Between the village and the vineyards of Cortaillod, this new house seems to have grown out of the garden of mansion built in the 40s. Meant to fade in the landscape, the building is almost imperceptible from the street. Only the entrance marks its existence through a staircase carved its roof arousing the visitors’ curiosity.

Inside, the broad entrance hall invites you to a flowing descent into the house. A discreet opening on the side leads to the bedrooms whilst the scenic staircase will take you to the living area. From here the view opens gradually from the rooftops and vineyards of the village of Cortaillod to the breathtaking Alps panorama.


To continue with, the path goes around the dramatic fireplace and a few more stairs will lead to the more intimate semi-underground game room and study, with a closer look into the vineyards.A walk in the garden around the house brings to light the design’s intention to follow the landform, showcasing the very mineral roof that seems to float on a pure line of glazing.

Photography by Thomas Jantscher

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