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Santa Maria by Pedro Henrique

Santa Maria by Pedro Henrique

Pedro Henrique designed this inspiring residence located close to the historical and central center of Santa Maria da Feira, Sanfins, Portugal, based on an existing stone construction , in 2017. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: Located in a rural context, but close to the historical and central center of Santa Maria da Feira, the project develops based on the recovery of an existing stone housing and the construction of a new concrete body interconnected through a wooden structure and wide openings in a frank dialogue with the outside and surrounding.

The existing construction confines directly to the road and the terrain is delimited by a water line that confers greater breadth and beauty to the place. Along the road, the concrete wall interrupts the existing stone wall to give rise to the new entrance and consequently to the new body.


The entrance of the house is the central and intermediate point of distribution that relates the two floors. The upper floor, dedicated to the private area, with the concrete volume destined to the rooms and sanitary facilities of the children and the stone volume destined for the parents’ room, the lower floor is intended for all social area and services.

Inside, we are surprised with the double right foot and the full transparency of the wooden body, with a broad view in contrast to the two bodies that make up the house. The materials in the interior are intended to have a simple white color on the walls, the wood on the floor and ceilings, allowed to create a comfortable environment where the simplicity is valued.

Photography by José Campos

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