5 Design Tips For The Singleton’s Perfect Home

Whether you’re newly single, and are enjoying living alone, or you’re about to live by yourself for the first time, you’ll probably realize that it’s up to you to make your new home a place you can be proud of. Whether you’re living in a penthouse, a ground floor apartment, or an RV by the lake, you can make your home your own.

Here’s how you can add that special touch to your new place:

Decorate It Your Way

Whether you love a minimalist look, or you want sparkly walls, a glowing ceiling, and voluminous shaggy rugs to die for, it’s up to you to decorate your new apartment, so go ahead and do it your way. If you want to add color to a room, think about having a feature wall. This involves painting or wallpapering just one of the walls in the room, rather than all of them.

A feature wall can be much darker than the rest of the room, and it can be any color you want. Choose the wall that you’re most likely to see, for example the wall in the den where the TV stands, or the wall opposite your bed. The choice is yours.

Keep Your Kitchen Clutter-Free

If you live in a studio apartment you may find it hard to keep your kitchen completely clutter-free, but limiting the amount of dishes that you own can help. For example, you don’t need any more than 3 or 4 bowls, 3 or 4 dinner plates, or 4 wine glasses. An added bonus of limiting yourself to only just what you need, means you don’t have to wash piles and piles of dirty dishes.

Buy A Few Plants

You don’t have to be the worlds’ best gardener, you just need to remember that plants need to be taken care of now and again. Why not decorate the den with a plant or two, and spread a few more around your home? Green plants can help to reduce stress levels, and make your home seem like a more natural place to be.

Look for plants that don’t need much watering, but remind yourself to take care of them every 2-3 days.

Be As Messy As You Like!

Let your home get as messy as you like, without going over the top. Remember how untidy your bedroom was when you were a teenager? Seriously, please don’t let it get that bad again, but do give yourself a bit of freedom.
If you like your home to look immaculate, than more power to you. However, if you don’t mind a bit of untidiness here and there, relax, and remember you don’t have to tidy up every single day. Once every few days is OK though.

Be Prepared For Visitors

If you’re the “My door is always open” type, then be prepared that someone might call ‘round for a cup of coffee at any given time. Make sure you always have enough coffee, milk, and sugar in stock. Have some snacks hanging around too, so you can entertain your guests while you all sit and watch another must-see show on TV.

Decorate your home your way, so you can completely relax in a place that’s all yours.

Images from Man’s Space by Line Architects

Lane 189 by UNStudio

The NAWA sculpture by Oskar Zieta