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Tiwanon House by Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated


Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated designed this stunning contemporary two-storey residence situated in Nonthaburi, Thailand, in 2015. Take a look at the complete story below.

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If considered a closed environment filled with the conditions conduce towards the use of human life. At least in principle of hedonism which consists of :
– A community where neighbors have many luxury cars.
– There is a playing yard for kids.
– The marsh near the house which we can see gaggles floating in the breeze.
– Sports Club for their evening workout.
– A large tree lined landscape not far from the fence house.
– A width road in front of the house but there are very few cars pass by. Yes, it’s very quiet too.
And often see girls coming out for jogging with cute big dog, German Shepherd or Siberian Husky.
The mentioned above are contained within one of the village located on the outskirts of Bangkok, and of course, This House is in the village area, this property is ready to truly living. Make a design burden falls to that dream.
A separate entrance to the gate room and a storage room in front of the house for keeping equipment , this is for spacing the outer and inner to be clearer and more visible.
– Combined with parking, maid service for their part together with the entire yard, laundry room and kitchen.
– Highlighted in the house, there are long distances before entering the House. To front yard will be seen from this area first.
– A yard for party with the number of guests 40-50 people.
– Marsh with long shape made for their spacious Canal home page before reaching the entrance. To spread the path split to components inside the semi which is the living room beside the left side of garden, it will be used for their casual time. The right side is the service area as mentioned above.
– Inside the House is divided into general usage area on the ground floor include a living room, high ceiling dining room that we are able to see the garden court in the middle of the house, working room and bedroom.
– Master bedroom and small two bedrooms will be on the second floor. All rooms are placed in each wing. This means there will be a distance between rooms as it result to a maximum privacy.
Finally, the right three gimmick which will be obviously represented this house are:
– The sun screen façade on the front panel, second floor
– Canal home page …and
– Smile from a neighbor and that cute big dog.

Photography by Beer Singnoi

Shade Burger by YOD Design

Cell Coffee Table by Anna Moraitou Design