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  • Your Ultimate List of DIY Projects in 2020

    It would be great if we could keep our homes fresh and new forever but unfortunately that’s not always possible and whilst the world has been in the midst of a pandemic, we have all been taking a closer look at the space we live in. 2020 has been the year where most people have […] More

  • 6 Ways You Can Increase the Value of Your Home

    While every property has upper and bottom parameters on value, there’s typically a lot of room for fluctuations in between. And by investing in the right home improvement projects and upgrades, you can quickly enhance the overall value of your property. Do you know where to start? More

  • #DIY: How to Work with a Circular Saw

    A circular saw counts among the most dangerous pieces of equipment you can use in the home. While these devices are incredibly useful, they also have the ability to inflict life-changing injury upon those who don’t take sufficient care. If you’re taking advantage of the enforced lockdown to perform a little bit of DIY, then […] More

  • Plumbing Issues

    3 Plumbing Issues To Watch Out For

    Plumbing issues can be a real nightmare when they happen in and around your home, especially when the water damage is severe. This is why it’s so important to know what issues to watch out for and to take immediate action should you encounter any of these problems in your home. Avoid putting off taking […] More

  • ArchiHOME: Common DIY plumbing mistakes to avoid

    If you are brave enough to tackle a plumbing problem in your home then you need to make sure you give yourself the best possible chance of success. You also need to remember that there is a reason why professional plumbers undergo training for the role. There is a massive difference between attempting a DIY repair […] More

  • Practical and Decorative DIY Ideas for your Bedrooms

    Your bedrooms shouldn’t just be another space in your home, after all you do spend a lot of time in there. Granted, most of this is when you’re asleep, but just imagine waking up to your own unique quarters each and every morning. Sounds great, right? In this post you’ll find some practical and decorative […] More