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  • Pre-Made Cabinetry: What are the Benefits?

    For many homeowners, kitchen remodels should be as quick and painless as possible. One significant timesaver is choosing pre-made cabinetry, which saves money and energy you can funnel elsewhere. Many kitchen cabinet companies that sell this version of cabinetry, but you should visit Walcraft Cabinetry for more info or other reputable dealers to ensure you […] More

  • How to Plan the Perfect Layout and Design for Outdoor Kitchens

      Are you fed up with cooking indoors all the time? You always have the option to set it up outdoors. Here are a few tips for planning your perfect outdoor kitchen. Do you love cooking BBQs and grills outdoors? Do you see yourself flipping burgers in front of your family and friends in the […] More

  • Gardening

    6 Trends for Your Garden in the Summer of 2020

    If you can’t wait for the summer weather to arrive so you can spend your days out in the garden, then you shouldn’t have to wait too much longer. However, if you want your garden to be in tip-top condition, then now is the time to start planning how it’s all going to come together. […] More

  • Why do people prefer Marble, Granite or Quartz over Laminate or Wooden Worktops?

    Trends often come and go but there are certain favourites when it comes to kitchen worktops. The material must be durable enough to withstand splashbacks, upstands and daily wear and tear. That’s the reason many people start with choosing worktop material when designing their new kitchen. While there are ample material choices, such as laminate […] More

  • Top Tips To Improve Your Kitchen Look

    One of the most important rooms in any household is the kitchen. The amount of utilities that is relied upon in this room is significant and ultimately supports you making food and potentially sitting down to have it (if you have a kitchen / dining room). The lifespan with a kitchen is pretty long however […] More

  • 10 Common Pitfalls of Kitchen Design

    Perhaps your kitchen is looking a bit dated, or maybe you want to extend the room to create a lighter and more spacious design? With a budget in mind and a timeline to stick to, it’s important that you don’t get caught out by these silly mistakes that can delay progress, or worse, ruin your […] More


    Good advice is like a good anti-age cream, it is minimizing the wrinkles and preventing those worry lines! If anything can give you wrinkles is the stress at home and the endless house chores. To help you deal with the dreaded house chores ARCHISCENE team created a list of useful tips.  Some you should not […] More

  • Top Kitchen Worktop Design Ideas

    It’s not easy picking out the material for your kitchen worktop. All of them look so good, but you know that only one will give you the results that you are after. In order to make the right decision, you have to think about which fits your individual kitchen design best, but also about which […] More

  • How to Brighten and Lighten a Dark Kitchen

    The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, a space where you can spend some quiet time at the start of the day, and the perfect area to entertain come the evening. However, it might not feel like a space you want to spend most of your time if your kitchen suffers […] More

  • Effective Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Environmentally Friendly

    Are you looking for ways to make your kitchen a greener place? A modern kitchen is one of the busiest areas of a home and it has the potential to consume more energy and produce more harmful waste, than any other part of a home. Below are some of the most effective ways to make […] More