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  • Kitchen Space

    8 Tips for Optimising Your Kitchen Space

    Often kitchen space and storage can be a major selling point for a house, so maximising this can lead to a quick sale for your home, but optimising your kitchen space can also give you a better experience cooking and cleaning your kitchen, no matter how much or how little space you have. If you’re […] More

  • Very Simple: Kitchen Revolutionizes Milan Design Week

    Very Simple: Kitchen is making waves at the Milan Design Week this year, as it celebrates its remarkable journey of transforming the kitchen industry with the support of its dedicated community. As one of the most anticipated events in the design and furniture calendar, Very Simple: Kitchen is gearing up to showcase its latest innovations […] More

  • The 3 Tips To Help You Cook Great Meals In A Small Kitchen

    Cooking in a small kitchen can seem tough at first. It seems like the more elaborate the meal, the more space you need to cook. However, when you think of how back in the day, your Grandma likely cooked her legendary meals in a tiny kitchen you understand it’s not the space that counts it’s […] More

  • FLORIM Stone Surfaces at Salone del Mobile 2023

    During Milan Design Week, FLORIM showcased two different projects: the “Compatta” line, which was developed by Federico Peri for the CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia brand, and the new FLORIM stone surfaces. The latest was presented at Salone del Mobile, as well as the Showrooms in Brera the Flagship Store and Spazio CEDIT. FLORIM stone is […] More

  • How To Make Your Kitchen Perfect After Moving In

    Moving house isn’t always easy. Even if you’re truly excited about the prospect of living somewhere new, it’s still an emotional time. Not only are you changing everything about your life and routine, but you’re leaving behind memories and plans (whether they were good or not). On top of that, finding a mover, hiring expert […] More

  • kitchen kabinets

    Why Get Rid Of Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

    Who wouldn’t want to be able to change layouts, furniture pieces or even the house’s structure in the blink of an eye at the lowest cost possible? But this is not just something we would wish for the sake of a more stylish home. We have many different reasons, be it for enhancing the utility […] More

  • Give Your Kitchen a Major Upgrade With These Stylish Suggestions

    The average family spends more time in the kitchen than almost any other room in the home. So if you’re going to spend time and money renovating a space, it makes sense to begin here. Our Interior Design Editor prepares 5 easy kitchen upgrade tips to help you out on your renovation journey:  5 Easy […] More

  • Why Buy Used Kitchen Cabinets Is it saving money

    Why Buy Used Kitchen Cabinets? Is it saving money?

    A kitchen cabinet is a place where you have to spend your maximum time, so you have to make it unique so that you will be able to get the utmost comfort at this place. Now, if you are finding a budget-friendly kitchen cabinet, you can search for a used one that will be a […] More

  • At Home Interiors: A Guide To An Ideal Fitted Kitchen

    Tired of your current kitchen look? Want to change, refresh, complete, subtract, add something, but don’t know where and how to start? Do you want to move the fridge, install the bar, remove the table and chairs? Don’t like how the kitchen elements were originally set up? The solution is found on the market with […] More

  • The Ultimate Design Kitchen Trends To Look Out For

    If you are a Chef, a cooking enthusiast or simply a fan of interior design, the kitchen is certainly an important space in your home. Its design and décor are definitely something worth paying close attention to. It should be elegant and comfortable, as well as make you easily navigate with its functionality. Thus interior […] More

  • Pre-Made Cabinetry: What are the Benefits?

    For many homeowners, kitchen remodels should be as quick and painless as possible. One significant timesaver is choosing pre-made cabinetry, which saves money and energy you can funnel elsewhere. Many kitchen cabinet companies that sell this version of cabinetry, but you should visit Walcraft Cabinetry for more info or other reputable dealers to ensure you […] More

  • How to Plan the Perfect Layout and Design for Outdoor Kitchens

      Are you fed up with cooking indoors all the time? You always have the option to set it up outdoors. Here are a few tips for planning your perfect outdoor kitchen. Do you love cooking BBQs and grills outdoors? Do you see yourself flipping burgers in front of your family and friends in the […] More

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