How To Make Your Kitchen Perfect After Moving In

Kitchen is the centre of any apartment, here’s how to make your kitchen perfect soon after moving in – rounded up in tips from ARCHISCENE editors:

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Moving house isn’t always easy. Even if you’re truly excited about the prospect of living somewhere new, it’s still an emotional time. Not only are you changing everything about your life and routine, but you’re leaving behind memories and plans (whether they were good or not). On top of that, finding a mover, hiring expert removalists and moving is hard work, so that will also take an emotional and physical toll.

Something that can make you feel better and ensure you can settle into your new home much more easily is redesigning the kitchen. If there is one particular room in the house that needs attention before any other, it will usually be the kitchen. Having someone else’s idea of style and functionality in your home is not ideal, and if you can make the necessary changes soon after moving, you’ll quickly have a house you can enjoy. Perhaps you have always wanted custom walk-in pantry storage in your kitchen? Maybe it lacks a dining zone for you and your family to enjoy meals together?

Photo ©Mariell Lind Hansen courtesy of Studio Hagen Hall

Of course, what you do will depend a lot on the funds you have and the state of the kitchen when you move in, but we have some suggestions about how to get started. Read on to find out more. 

Think Of The Design 

There is actually no such thing as a perfect kitchen, but what does exist is a kitchen that is perfectly tailored to your needs and preferences through thoughtful planning and design. Sure, that’s possible. The best kitchens are those that adhere to tradition but are also willing to bend to the ideals of the person who will spend a great deal of time there feeding their family. 

Photo ©Mariell Lind Hansen courtesy of Studio Hagen Hall

For some farmhouses or modern homes with a beautiful retro design element, an alcove with an Aga oven could be the perfect fit, while in a penthouse or inner-city apartment, where space is at a premium, ultra-modern and sleek could be a refreshing kitchen theming. It’s hard to work out exactly what design you want when there are so many options, but you’ll be well on your way to getting it right if you treat your kitchen as a reflection of the overall style of your home’s design. That way, the kitchen will blend in, but you can add some personal touches to make it special no matter what design you might opt for. One idea that can be ideal in any kitchen is a garbage disposal unit; learn more about them here. 

Add A Family Area

Modern families don’t always spend a lot of time together. This is partly because everyone is so busy with work, school, and additional projects, and partly because, thanks to technology, everyone can usually entertain themselves a lot of the time. So getting together to be with others isn’t always a priority. Perhaps, now that you’ve moved into a new house, this could change. Maybe you can make a family area so that you can spend time together and bond a little more. 

In that case, the kitchen could be the perfect place to do it. If you spend time in the kitchen cooking, adding a family area with stools at a breakfast bar or island is a great idea. You can cook dinner while the kids do their homework or sit and chat about their day, for example. Or perhaps your partner will cook dinner while you sit and enjoy their company. 

The kitchen can also connect to an open space – Photo ©Mariell Lind Hansen courtesy of Studio Hagen Hall

Another idea is to add a kitchen table and chairs. This will depend on how much room you have, but it can make a fantastic addition that really sets off the space and allows everyone to congregate in one place. 

Include Enough Storage

Even the smallest kitchens can become a pleasure to cook in with the addition of good storage space. Cabinets under benches, overhead wall cabinets, and tall cabinets with either drawers or doors will typically be used to store items. Drawers are simple to open, saving you from having to get on your hands and knees to get whatever you need. However, they cost more because they employ slide-out runners as opposed to a set of door hinges. It always important to think twice before replacing old kitchen cabinets

Photo ©Mariell Lind Hansen courtesy of Studio Hagen Hall

There are some incredible pull-out and slide-out options for challenging corners, and tall slide-out pantries are fantastic for confined spaces. This is why hiring a professional kitchen designer can be the best idea, as they will be able to help you use all the space you have in the best way. 

Don’t forget to utilize the room’s height. Although tall cabinets may be challenging to access on a regular basis, they make excellent storage for items that are only occasionally used, like a special tea set or Christmas platters.

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