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The Ultimate Design Kitchen Trends To Look Out For

Design kitchen is more than just getting that “Instagram” look, it’s also about functionality and much more. Our editors single out a few important tips while staying on top of the trends:

Photography by © Itay Benit courtesy of  Maya Sheinberger Interior Design

If you are a Chef, a cooking enthusiast or simply a fan of interior design, the kitchen is certainly an important space in your home. Its design and décor are definitely something worth paying close attention to. It should be elegant and comfortable, as well as make you easily navigate with its functionality. Thus interior and furniture design destinations such as Schmidt offer compositions that are both modular and versatile, and creating modern design kitchens is easier today than ever before. When we think of modern kitchens, a thousand images from online blogs, catalogues and social media pages such as Pinterest come to mind. With their sleek wooden cabinetry, marble countertops, roomy islands fitted with the latest technology, accent walls and more, these kitchens are a true visual delight.

If you are looking to make changes in your kitchen, or you’re building a new one from scratch, here are some biggest trends to follow.

Smart Kitchen

Recently, high-tech elements have been increasingly incorporated into contemporary kitchens. In order to raise the level of functionality and efficiency, as well as bringing an upscale dose of design.  Manufacturers know that making appliances that are more intuitive and connected will give them an edge in a highly competitive market with the continued growth of home automation. Kitchens can host some of the most useful smart technologies in your home. You can buy smart ovens that memorise the cooking time of every meal and suggest recipes you may not have tried, a smart faucet you can turn on and off by voice, or ask you to pour a given amount of water.

Photography by © Itay Benit courtesy of  Maya Sheinberger Interior Design

Natural Colours

In the last few years, we have seen an influx of bold and bright colours on the kitchen scene. However, in 2021, we are moving away from that idea and going towards organic finishes and soothing neutral shades, both have greater impact. Lighter shades of grey, pastel tones and various white displays are dominating the kitchens, side by side with wood in abundance. More than ever before, homes evoke a sense of refuge, and the use of colours plays a big role in emphasizing such an ambience. Designers believe that because of that, many will decide to use natural colours that will breathe life into the space.

Kitchen Islands

What is a kitchen without an island? This trend has seen a huge rise in the past years. Often the heart of the space and where people tend to gather, islands have become a focal point of most kitchen designs. Islands not only serve as a functional element, but also as a chance to add style with unique pendant lights, bold colour choices, or sleek countertop finishes. The island can be used as a place to sit, prepare food, and socialize. Also, its design can be different, from quartz, marble, two-tone, to waterfall look emphasizing the countertops.

Photography by © Itay Benit courtesy of  Maya Sheinberger Interior Design – a great example of an open plan and perfectly placed small design kitchen within the apartment – discover the project.

Effective Storage

When we say storage, we first think of inconspicuous storage full of things. Today’s modern kitchens combine efficient storage space and modern design. Indoor kitchen elements for storing groceries and kitchen utensils in combination with wall shelves is a growing trend in kitchen decoration. Built-in elements will be seen less and less, and the space will be freed up by a thoughtful design that puts emphasis on the eclectic and organic. The different textures and materials are very welcome, and the designers envision the return of hanging frying pan holders and pots that allow quick access to the dishes.

Kitchen surfaces will be an element to pay attention to. Good use of every available millimetre with smart shelves, modular solutions, partitions, drawers and elements hanging from the ceiling is necessary for a modern kitchen.

Finally, remember it is not only about the contemporary kitchen design trends, functionality as well as pricing also play a pivotal part. 

Center for Developing Entrepreneurs by EskewDumezRipple and Wolf Ackerman

Center for Developing Entrepreneurs by EskewDumezRipple and Wolf Ackerman

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Equation by Amat & Saint-Val Architectes