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  • The Chiu, Hangzhou by Nature Times Art Design

    7 Restaurant Furniture Hacks

    Restaurant furniture is one of the most important elements of any restaurant. You need to find attractive, long-lasting, sturdy furniture that suits your restaurant theme and doesn’t break the bank. Then you need to arrange the furniture in your establishment in a way that allows plenty of room for servers and customers to move around. […] More

  • Complete Guide to Purchasing a Restaurant Booth

    When it comes to running a successful restaurant, a few of the most important considerations should be the quality of the cuisine, excellent customer service, and a functional and easily accessible layout. The greatest arrangement is one that allows you to optimize your available space while still placing a high priority on the comfort of […] More

  • How Much Should You Invest in Your Restaurant Furniture?

    When you are setting up a restaurant, there are loads of things that you need to think about. The restaurant business looks pretty amazing from afar. You can mix business and creativity and enjoy high profit margins. However, running a restaurant can be really challenging. The food business is fickle, you need to stay on […] More

  • The Best Commercial Window Treatments for Restaurants

    When it comes to your city’s most prominent restaurants, there are several things they all seem to have in common; exquisite food, exceptional service, and unique décor top the list. But for a restaurant to truly stand out from the pack, restaurateurs need to scrutinise everything down to the tiniest detail of their establishment in […] More

  • TFD Restaurant by Leaping Creative

    Guangzhou based renowned lifestyle store brand TFD (The Fashion Door) have enlisted the Leaping Creative team to design their first restaurant. Leaping Creative believes that the space should indicate the brand’s fashion sense and at the same time provide its customers with an unordinary dining experience. Rather than following the popular trend of industrial or Nordic […] More

  • Modern Twist for The Famed PUJOL Restaurant by JSA Architects

    Some restaurants are as famous for their chef’s as well as for their interior design, such is the story of Pujol, a renowned Mexico City hotspot and home of chef Enrique Olvera. When relocating the famed restaurant to a new address the Polanco neighbourhood, the chef and his team chose a 1950s bungalow for it’s […] More

  • A Dreamy Restaurant of A Documentary Maker in PRAGUE

    Argentinian documentary maker Juan Crus Pacin has moved to Prague (Czech Republic) where he turned restaurateur and opened the Gran Fierro restaurant. Offering Argentinian food the owner also looked for a design close to the sentiment of his country yet with a modern twist. Formafatal architects Dagmar Stěpánová and Katarína Varsov in the end landed […] More

  • Golden McDonald’s by Mei Architects

    Known as the Golden McDonald‘s the building designed by Netherlands based Mei Architects is filling design pages around the globe. With a massive frequency coming as given with any McDonalds restaurant the creatives at Mei Architects had the task of merging design and functionality. The need for a designed building came from the citizen of […] More

  • Blind Dragon in Los Angeles by Built Inc.

    In charge of the design of the newly opened Blind Dragon was John Sofio from the award winning design firm Built Inc, Mr Sofio and his team have created the interior of the new LA nightspot. Built Inc. has teamed up on the project with the H.Wood Group while working on this eye-catching karaoke lounge […] More

  • B3 Designers Makeover Afternoon Tea at The Royal Opera House

    One of the latest project from the talented creatives at B3 Designers is the design of bespoke concertina screens for The Royal Opera House Afternoon Tea in the Paul Hamlyn Hall. The designers have continuing their creative working relationship with The Royal Opera House, providing an elegant sense of intimacy at the famed venue. FIND […] More

  • Warwick San Francisco Hotel by UXUS Design

    The talented creatives at UXUS Design were in charge of the new look of Warwick San Francisco Hotel which established the new design direction for the Warwick Hotel Group. The designer never left the sentiment of San Francisco behind, merging the building’s unique history with modern luxury hospitality. “Our approach was to create a unique […] More

  • Citizen M Paris by Concrete Amsterdam

    In a few years time Citizen M has established itself as a comfortable design hotel solution, with addresses open in London, Amsterdam and Paris. In charge of hotel chain’s visual identity are the talented creatives at Concrete Amsterdam architecture practice. One of their latest projects is Citizen M Paris located half an hour away from the […] More

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