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  • MASONPRINCE Shenzhen Office by TOMO

    Chinese fashion brand MASONPRINCE has unveiled its groundbreaking Shenzhen office in collaboration with TOMO, a design studio known for pushing the boundaries of creativity. The MASONPRINCE Inspiration Hub showcases the brand’s commitment to a “classless fashion collectivity” and challenges conventional notions of office design. The collaboration between MASONPRINCE (MP) and TOMO sought to create a […] More

  • LDH

    Mo Jasmine by LDH Architectural Design Firm

    In the heart of Beijing, LDH Architectural Design Firm has unveiled its latest project, “Mo Jasmine,” a 743-square-meter restaurant designed to encapsulate the timeless beauty and ambiance of jasmine. Chief Designer Liu Daohua, inspired by the pure and refined essence of the jasmine flower, has created a space that harmoniously blends elegance, fragrance, and tranquility. […] More

  • WWD Bloomage Unveils Z Times-The Art House

    WWD Bloomage has completed work on Z Times-The Art House, a residential project that transcends the boundaries of style and age, creating a space where art, emotion, and personality seamlessly converge. The project, named “Beijing flat floor private house,” spans an impressive 370 square meters and was completed in June 2023. Led by the creative […] More

  • CLOU architects

    CLOU Completes Capital Square Beijing Renovation

    CLOU architects have successfully completed the interior renovation of Capital Square Beijing, bringing a breath of fresh air to the iconic structure now standing as a beacon of contemporary workplace design. Commissioned by CapitaLand, the leading international real estate developer, CLOU embarked on a mission to revitalize the interior of the building and redefine its […] More

  • Superimpose Architecture

    Community Oasis by Superimpose Architecture

    As the trend of community-centric developments continues to rise in China, the emergence of community centers and community malls has become a noteworthy phenomenon. These innovative spaces not only encompass the traditional features of a mall but also integrate essential community services, such as sports facilities, libraries, and public event spaces. In response to this […] More

  • CCD

    Archiscene Talks to CCD about their Mumian Chengdu Project

    In the heart of the bustling 24 City district in Chengdu, a remarkable project has breathed new life into the memories of Factory 420, paying homage to the city’s rich history while embracing the spirit of modernity. Mumian Chengdu, a project brought to life by CR Land and designed by CCD, honors the enduring legacy […] More

  • studio

    Community Library by Studio Opens in Beijing’s Pinggu District

    A remarkable community library project in Beijing’s Pinggu District has been completed, thanks to the innovative design work of Shanghai-based studio. The studio emerged as the winner of a design competition, beating five renowned Chinese design firms. The library, located in building 12 of the rental housing complex in Baigezhuang Village, Daxingzhuang Town, serves […] More

  • Wuhan 101 by Shenzhen 31 Design

    Shenzhen 31 Design has recently completed their latest residential project in Wuhan, China – Wuhan 101. The project combines the grandeur of a luxury hotel with the warmth and privacy of home living. and is setting a new standard for urban living, ushering in the 4.0 edition of penthouses in this ancient city. Located in […] More

  • pig design


    PIG DESIGN continues to push the boundaries of design by seamlessly merging the natural world with urban life. Their latest endeavor, WILD BACK, aims to rekindle the human connection with nature and foster vitality, memory, and fun within the urban landscape. WILD BACK is a stunning outdoor oasis nestled between the tranquil West Lake and […] More



    EVER BOOM, SHENZHEN, the brainchild of the Shenzhen EVER BOOM Catering Co., Ltd., has taken the culinary world by storm, transcending traditional dining experiences. Nestled within the vibrant Houhai Harbour, this upscale restaurant seamlessly marries Japanese and French cuisines while weaving in elements of Chinese tradition. More than a restaurant, EVER BOOM transforms dining into […] More

  • Jin'ang Yang

    Archiscene Talks to Jin’ang Yang about the White Crane Lake Visitor Center

    White Crane Lake, a picturesque oasis nestled in the heart of Jiangxi Province, has long been celebrated for its serene ambiance, bamboo-lined shores, and stunning panoramic vistas. Now, this tranquil natural wonder is set to receive a stunning addition that seamlessly blends modern architectural elegance with the splendor of nature – the White Crane Lake […] More

  • Burberry Streets Presents Burberry Rose Pop-Up Store

    British luxury brand Burberry is set to take Shanghai by storm with its latest immersive takeover event, Burberry Rose. This spectacular event marks the third stop in the “Burberry Streets” series, celebrating the art of discovery and exploration in cities worldwide. Merging the brand’s forward-thinking vision with its rich heritage, Burberry Rose promises to bring […] More

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