7 Solid Advantages of Building with Concrete

Here are a few great reasons to build with concrete rather than other conventional building materials.

7 Solid Advantages of Building with Concrete

In the last 10 years, construction professionals built almost 7 million new homes. As the population continues to grow and cities start to expand, demand for both new homes and commercial buildings will be on the rise.

This is good news for contractors. However, the increased demand for buildings doesn’t mean buyers are willing to settle for subpar structures. They want the best and most energy-efficient options possible.

This means you’ll need to find high-quality building materials to attract the right types of buyers. Though you have many options to choose from, concrete offers a few unique benefits that make it stand out from other materials.

Here are a few great reasons to build with concrete rather than other conventional building materials.

7 Solid Advantages of Building with Concrete

  1. Concrete Is Almost Maintenance-Free

One of the biggest problems building owners face is ongoing maintenance. The exterior is under constant exposure to the elements. That means it’s only a matter of time until standard building materials start to break down.

Once they do, the building owner has to invest in repairs and upkeep if they want the building to continue to look great. If they don’t, the exterior will start to look run down. Worse, that exterior damage increases the risk of interior issues popping up.

Water damage, insect infestations, and mold or mildew growth can happen quickly if you’re not careful. Further, they’re expensive to fix after the issues pop up.

By creating concrete buildings, you’ll reduce the amount of upkeep and maintenance new owners will have to handle. This saves them money in the long-run and keeps them happier in their structure for years to come.

  1. Concrete Buildings Are Eco-Friendly

When it comes to other building materials, finding options that are gentle on the environment can be tough. Even the most sustainably sourced wood can put strain on local ecosystems. Worse, it’s difficult to reuse or recycle when it needs to get replaced.

Concrete, on the other hand, is one of the most eco-friendly materials on the market.

Once the material starts to break down, it’s easy to recycle and reuse in future building projects. Even better, the material requires minimal resources to produce.

You’ll be able to advertise the building as a green structure, attracting more prospective buyers.

  1. The Material Is Affordable

One of the biggest issues you’ll face when looking for quality building materials is the price for the materials themselves. The more durable and higher quality they are, the more expensive your project will become.

The cost of building with concrete is much lower than the cost of using other materials. Though the exact cost will vary from location to location, you can expect to save money on every build. You won’t have to sacrifice quality to save money with your building project.

The concrete itself is easy to produce and most builders can source materials locally. This eliminates the need for costly shipping and transportation that only increases your bottom line.

7 Solid Advantages of Building with Concrete

  1. Concrete Is One of the Safest Options

Building materials can influence the overall safety of every structure. When you use the wrong ones, you increase the risk of fires, wind damage, and other hazards.

If you’re researching the benefits of concrete vs CLT (cross-laminated timber), you’ll find that concrete is always best. It’s naturally fire-resistant and can stand up to severe winds, hail, and storm damage with ease.

Any repairs that do happen will likely be minor and easy to fix without forcing the future building owner to invest thousands of dollars into maintenance. With weather patterns changing, creating storm-resistant buildings is always in your best interest.

  1. You’re Not Limited to Rectangular Construction

Creating eye-catching structures means thinking outside of the box…literally. With most conventional building materials, creating custom shapes is incredibly difficult. Worse, it’s time-consuming.

When you build with concrete, you’re only limited by your imagination. It is easy to mold and shape into unique designs, allowing you to create a building that is sure to attract attention.

If you want to create a round building while eliminating rough edges or contours, you can. If you want to use concrete bricks to build a post-modern inspired house, you’ll find the process simple.

Whatever you choose, the material lends itself to creativity and innovation.

  1. Noise Won’t be an Issue

In standard buildings, you’ll have to invest in high-quality insulation to reduce noise contamination. The busier the location is and the more traffic it gets, the more insulation you’ll need.

Concrete buildings buffer that noise on their own without the need for additional insulation. You’ll still want to insulate the interior to boost the comfort inside year-round, but noise contamination won’t be an issue.

Keep in mind that the insulation you’ll need to increase comfort will be minimal. Concrete does a wonderful job of keeping the temperature outside the building from influencing the comfort indoors.

  1. It’s Naturally Energy-Efficient

One of the biggest challenges builders face is creating energy-efficient buildings on a budget.

You know that increasing efficiency makes the building more attractive to buyers. However, most buyers aren’t willing to pay the premium for the most efficient materials.

Luckily, building with concrete creates a truly energy-efficient space without forcing you to spend tons of money on other improvements. It prevents drafts on its own. This helps HVAC systems work more efficiently.

The less the building’s HVAC system has to run, the lower the building’s energy costs will be and the more money the owners will save for years to come.

Building With Concrete Is the Smart Choice

When it comes to choosing the best building materials for your project, you have many options. However, building with concrete offers a few unique advantages that other materials lack.

You’ll have a more efficient and eco-friendly building that will attract buyers both now and in the future.

Just make sure to do your research. Learn how to work with the material properly and create a structure that stands out from the crowd.

For more tips and tricks to help you choose the best materials for your upcoming building project, check our latest posts.

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