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College of Engineering by Mimar Emirates

Mimar Emirates

Project: College of Engineering
Designed by Mimar Emirates
Project Team: Mohamad Kamal,Samy Nazir,Mohamad Salah,Amr Ameen, Mohamad Raouf
Project Area: 60,000 sqm
Location: Qatar, Doha
Mimar Emirates designs the massive College of Engineering complex giving the project a connection the the university campus. For more images and architects description continue under the cut: 

Mimar EmiratesMimar EmiratesMimar EmiratesMimar EmiratesMimar EmiratesMimar Emirates

From the Architects:

The preliminary concept was generated taking into consideration the connection between the site and the university campus, which was determined by the main campus spine to create the main axis of the Faculty of Engineering site. The significance of the site location comes from its relation with Qatar University, which has a noticeable overlook upon Losail Zone and a farther view of the business district Skyline.

A comprehensive image that put down the design into the campus context ought not to fall out of the Campus harmonic profile. However, it shall be an extension yet with distinguished character. By following the orientation impact upon the concept, this shows an optimum gain of environmental conditions. Regardless, with the influence of other environmental elements, the mass was developed to mimic and integrate with the context status.

Inspired by the current used screens in the Qatar University Campus, new skins were used over the southern facades to decrease the thermal effect upon the building.

The landscape and green patterns were evolved from the same primitive shape of intersected circles, in order to produce a continuous link between the landscape patterns and the skins. Thus, it would show a compatible theme. Besides, the plan has been oriented under environmental and urban planning influence, for an applicable flexibility that shall be found in the various spaces distribution, allowing full flexibility for most of the spaces according to the optimum need.

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