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Hennebery Eddy Architects’ Bend Science Station Project

A Collaborative Approach to Building the Future of Science Education

Photography by Alan Brandt- Hennebery Eddy Architects’ Bend Science Station Project

Bend Science Station (BSS) by Hennebery Eddy Architects, stands as an example of empowerment for young scientists, providing them with the tools and technology crucial for problem-solving. Located at the Oregon State University-Cascades (OSU) campus, this nonprofit organization offers a light-filled laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for STEM education, research, and teacher training. It serves as a hub for K-12 students and educators in Central Oregon, inspiring enthusiasm for inventive solutions.

Photography by Alan Brandt
Photography by Alan Brandt

The building’s design is a tribute to its surroundings, drawing inspiration from the high desert landscape of Central Oregon. With its cedar-clad soffits and standing seam metal shell, the structure embodies simplicity and functionality. The incorporation of features like a demonstration tower and outdoor classroom further enriches the learning experience, combining form with educational function.

Positioned as a gateway to the OSU-Cascades campus, the 3,750-square-foot building makes a bold statement about the importance of science education. Its orientation maximizes solar exposure while offering a welcoming entrance ramp that symbolically bridges the gap between the community and the university. Inside, open and airy labs flooded with natural light provide an ideal environment for hands-on experiments and group activities.

Photography by Alan Brandt
Photography by Alan Brandt

Bend Science Station and OSU share a common mission: to provide students from diverse backgrounds with early exposure to higher education and a nurturing learning environment. Since opening its doors in fall 2018, BSS has welcomed over 7,000 students and 200 teachers from nearly 40 schools across Deschutes County each year. The new building serves as a tangible representation of their commitment to empowering students from all walks of life to pursue their  academic aspirations.

Photography by Alan Brandt

Apart from its educational objectives, Bend Science Station is committed to environmental conservation. Enrolled in the Path to Net Zero program, the building is designed to generate more energy than it consumes, leveraging on-site renewable energy sources like rooftop solar panels. Passive design measures, efficient systems, and native landscaping further reduce energy and water consumption, aligning with the organization’s commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management.

Photography by Alan Brandt
Photography by Alan Brandt

Bend Science Station at OSU-Cascades represents hope for the next generation of scientists and innovators. With its modern design, emphasis on equity, and dedication to sustainability, BSS is paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future in science education.

Hennebery Eddy Design Team:

  • Tim Eddy, Principal-in-Charge
  • Dan Petrescu, Project Manager
  • Doug Reimer, Project Architect

Project Team:

  • Architecture and Interiors: Hennebery Eddy Architects
  • Contractor: CS Construction
  • Civil Engineer: DOWL | Bend
  • Structural Engineer: Walker Structural Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer: Interface Engineering, Inc.
  • Electrical Engineer: Interface Engineering
  • Landscape: Walker Macy
  • Acoustical Engineer: Acoustic Design Studio, Inc.

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