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Design & Interior – How To Design Your Store For Your Clothing Line?

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Design & Interior - How To Design Your Store For Your Clothing Line?

The humble high street has evolved over the years and has taken many forms, from the earliest origins of traders displaying their wares on a roadside, which grew into carts being loaded with goods being wheeled about, but fast forward many years to what we know today as the brick and mortar high street and you will notice more and more brands moving from simply offering a product adopting an experience-based purchase, take the Apple store, for example, these guys hit the nail on the head with their physical stores.

Design & Interior - How To Design Your Store For Your Clothing Line?

There are many techniques used for traditional retail, take the supermarket for example, have you ever wondered why the everyday essentials are always at the back of the store? Or have you noticed that the bakery is always close to the entrance, so you are greeted with a delicious hunger-inducing scent? This doesn’t happen by accident; these stores are tapping into your inner psyche to manipulate your shopping experience.

When it comes to designing your store for your clothing line you need to consider all your options before making any moves. You must consider where your customers are, if you are opting for a physical location then you need to find a location where your demographic audience hang out, but this can come with a steep cost. If we look at the current climate, we are in a pandemic which has resulted in many countries around the world going into lockdown, which meant brick and mortar shops have had to close their doors and cease business, but from this online sales have grown exponentially. Operating online can have its benefits, especially when it comes to costs. To keep a physical store running you need to pay rent and pay the overheads regardless if your store is open or closed, you then need to employ staff to work in your shop. Compare this to the running of an online business where the overheads are minimal meaning you can invest your hard-earned cash into developing and promoting your products.

Design & Interior - How To Design Your Store For Your Clothing Line?

If operating your business solely online is appealing to you then there are a few considerations you must think about beforehand, such as how will you get people to your online store? And how will it look? These are both relatively straightforward to answer, clever demographic and interest targeted adverts will see you driving relevant and engaged traffic, and for the appearance, a piece of market research will help identify common traits and requirements of an online store. Take personalised clothing company Banana Moon Clothing, for example, they have split their offering into genders and garment type, meaning customers have multiple navigation options to find exactly what they need when it is required.

For users to browse choose and purchase from your website you need to ensure the navigation is flawless, the design is appealing, and the layout is easy to understand and digest information. It is also very important to understand what functionality you will need, for example, a shopping cart is essential to sell online.

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