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OMA wins competition to design Pont Jean-Jacques Bosc in Bordeaux

Pont Jean-Jacques

Internationally renowned architecture studio OMA has won the international competition to design the Pont Jean-Jacques Bosc, the sixth bridge across the river Garonne in Bordeaux and the first bridge design to be realized by OMA. The selection committee included the mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppé; completion is scheduled for 2018.


From the Architects:

Positioned at the heart of the Euratlantique project, Pont Jean-Jacques Bosc provides a link between the municipalities of Bègles and Floriac. But more than simply connecting two points of land separated by water, the bridge itself also offers a generous new public space in the city.

Pont Jean-JacquesPont Jean-Jacques

Vincent Feltesse, president of the Urban Community of Bordeaux: "It is an extraordinary architectural gesture. More than a bridge, it is an urban planning intervention in the heart of the Euratlantique project."

Pont Jean-JacquesPont Jean-Jacques

Its considerable 44m by 545m expanse, a continuous surface stretching well beyond the banks of the river, seamlessly connects to the land. The gently sloping surface enables a pedestrian promenade while still allowing the necessary clearance for boats beneath. All traffic modes – including private cars, public transport, bicycles and foot traffic – are accommodated by its width, with the largest allowance devoted to pedestrians.


Clément Blanchet, director of OMA France: "The bridge itself is not the 'event' in the city, but a platform that can accommodate events of the city. We wanted to provide the simplest expression – the least technical, least lyrical, but the most concise and effective structural solution."

Pont Jean-JacquesPont Jean-Jacques

The project was developed in collaboration with engineers WSP, the landscape architect Michel Desvigne, the consultant EGIS, and the light design agency Lumières Studio.

Project: Pont Jean-Jacques Bosc
Designed by Office for Metropolitan Architecture OMA
Location: Bordeaux, France


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