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Circus Lamp by Javier Herrero Studio for Buokids

Following their first collaboration which resulted in the “Tipi” family of table lamps, the Spanish designer Javier Herrero and the children’s lighting specialists Buokids are back with a new design: the “Circus” hanging lamp. The name couldn’t have been anything else, as “Circus” was basically inspired by the aesthetic of the wonderful world of the circus. Children and grown-ups alike love circuses, as they are magical places where incredible and amazing things always happen. There is fun, surprises, light, colour and, above all, fantastic stories with which this lamp will be adorned. “Circus” has a delicate and contemporary appearance since the designer, who is used to creating other types of objects for adults, has simplified each element to the minimum. It is true that it keeps a fun and youthful expression, but its end result is very iconic. Each detail is designed and created with the utmost care– from the little felt flag to the wooden ball that supports the shade. Moreover, as you would expect with Buokids, it is handmade in Spain by Valencian artisans, something of a luxury in these times of globalisation and low cost.

Photography by Tato Baeza

Artwork by David Ulibarri

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