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Living Unit by OFIS Arhitekti

OFIS Arhitekti designed this inspiring 30m2 living unit in 2017. Take a look at the complete story below.

The research for the Cabin was initiated by OFIS, C+C, C28 and AKT along with contractor Permiz to develop Self-contained wooden shell, which can be flexible and adaptable on different locations, climate conditions and terrains. They can be used as holiday cabins, hide away, tree houses or short-time habitations for research, tourism or shelter; their small size allows easy and different transport possibilities.

The basic unit can contain habitation for 2 people with double bed, wardrobe, table with chairs and possibility to install bathroom, and kitchenette. If needed 2 or more cabins can be combined together creating a larger habitation that could inhabit 4-6 people. They can be combined vertically (like here in Parco Sempione) or horizontally.

The structure are timber frames that are reinforced by plywood boards on both sides. The cabin can be fixed on the ground either by steel anchors or removable concrete cubes.

The material promotes use of wood – natural, ecological and human friendly material. The façade and interior treatment can be changeable and flexible, so the unit in its material and finishing can be used in various site context.

The living units exhibited on Milan Design Week are available on Sale.

Photography by Janez Martincic

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