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How To Choose A Sectional Sofa

A sectional sofa is not an easy choice, multiple factories to consider before selecting one discussed by ARCHISCENE editors:

How To Choose A Sectional Sofa

Have you been searching for sectional sofas in Los Angeles? Are you simply craving a cosy night in? A sectional sofa is a perfect way to cuddle up.

Sectionals came about when some savvy designer decided to attach an ottoman to a sofa and make it one! They’re also increasingly popular as we spend more time together in front of the TV.

If you want to recline fully or if you want something other than an armchair – a sectional sofa might be for you.

Yet, there are a couple of things that you should know before you buy. We’ve listed them below for your convenience.

Know The Lingo

One place people trip up when buying a sectional is the definitions.

When a piece is labelled as right arm facing (RAF), it means the arm is on your right as you are looking at it. If a piece is labelled as left arm facing (LAF), the arm is on your left as you are looking at it.

You wouldn’t want to buy a sofa online only to have it arrive, and it’s the wrong way round!

How To Choose A Sectional Sofa


Sectionals come in three main designs: U, L, or C shape. C shapes are more like a semi-circle, whereas the other two have sharp corners. Then you’ll need to decide if you want arms or not.

Remember, the design doesn’t necessarily indicate quality. The shape is going to be important for your home though. L-shaped sectionals are made of two pieces. It might be two sofa-sized pieces, a sofa and a loveseat, or even a sofa and chaise.

U-shaped sectionals are usually three sofa-sized pieces. They form two 90-degree angles when pushed together. C-shapes offer a sectional without harsh corners. C-shapes are harder to put into corners though.

Traffic Pattern

When we talk about ‘traffic pattern’, we mean how people move through a room. Do they come in a mill around before leaving, like a bedroom? Or do they move through and exit to another room?

Figure out whether you want your sectional to fit into a corner or a nook. Or do you want it to block two ‘rooms’ in an open-plan space? Remember, don’t try to buy something that’s too big for your space!


This one might seem obvious. However, remember to measure up not only the room but the ‘delivery pathway’. By this, we mean the route that you will be getting your sectional into your home.

This is going to differ and be trickier, say if you’re living on a top-floor apartment. Luckily for you, most sectionals come in separate pieces. Therefore you can get a larger piece of furniture into your living room!

How To Choose A Sectional Sofa

Fabric And Lifestyle

The kind of life you lead is going to inform which fabric you want for your sectional. For example, if you have small children, a leather sectional sofa might not be the best choice.

Cotton and linens might be comfortable, but they’re difficult to maintain. In contrast, microfiber has no visible weave. Plus, it’s stain-resistant, easy to clean and resistant to tears. Sounds like the perfect choice if you’ve got kids or pets.

Instead, you might want something with stain resistance in the case of spills. Also, make sure that the fabric colour that you choose works well with the rest of the décor in the room.

Sometimes using a base colour is the best option. However, you can always spice it up and opt for an accent colour, or even a patterned sectional. Just try to incorporate that base colour!

Or even work outwards from your sectional. After all, it’s likely to be the centrepiece of your room.

We think these are some of the most essential things to bear in mind when shopping for a sectional sofa. Remember, on top of these, to stay within the price range that you’re working with!

FG OFF project by aisel architects

FG OFF project by aisel architects

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Casa Molvento by Estudio Montevideo + Pablo Dellatorre