The Best Kids Lighting Solutions

Kids learn to be responsible and independent when they move to their own room – now they are in charge for cleaning and maintaining everything in the proper order (in reasonable limits, of course).

Parents’ goal is to make a kid’s room safe, comfortable and good-looking. From that point lighting seems to be a crucial thing to consider.

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Firstly you need to take care of night lighting. We highly recommend to opt for high-quality fixtures providing very soft light – at night a kid may wake up to go to toilet and bright light will make it hard to fall asleep. Another advantage of soft light is that you can switch it on to see if everything is OK, and your kids won’t even wake up.

Speaking about safety Regenbogen children’s ceiling lights are a perfect option – they provide bright and clear light that evenly fills the room. What’s more, it is impossible for kids to break ceiling fixtures or to get hurt after hitting these by accident.

OK, we have discussed two types of lighting – night lighting and ceiling lighting. Both options serve their purpose, but there is also another kind of indoor lighting that can make a kid’s room cozy and cute.

Undoubtedly, high-quality Regenbogen floor lamps will provide soft, but focused light so that a kid could enjoy playing favorite games before going to bed. Floor lamp light is a smooth and natural transition from bright daylight to the darkness of the night.

Nowadays LED-lighting is growing more and more popular. USB LED lights are very cheap and sold everywhere – parents use them with power banks. Considering that such a LED light consumes very little energy, even a small power bank will let it work for many weeks or even months.

Finally, follow the common recommendations regarding electric safety – make sure there are no lamp cables on the way of your kids. The best solution is to cord such a cable to a table leg or to a wall.

We also suggest you opting for lamp models with have bottom so that it would be a big problem for a kid to turn a floor lamp over. What’s more, it would hardly be a good idea to put a floor lamp in the middle of the room – better place it to a corner.

Regenbogen offers an impressive range of lighting fixtures – we have floor lamps, wall sconces, ceiling lights and many more. Take a look and find the best option for your home!

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