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  • Mygdal Plant Light by Nui Studio

    Nui Studio designed this stunning plant lights. The plant light Mygdal provides a smart way of having living plants even in windowless interiors. Take a look at the complete story below. More

  • Flutter by Paul Matter

    Contemporary light design studio studio Paul Matter launched a new collection of lighting called Flutter. The series is the studio’s idea of a deconstructed clock that’s scaled back and left with only two arms. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Avia Edition for Slamp by Zaha Hadid Design

    Zaha Hadid Design teamed up with Slamp to design the Avia Edition, a vibrant new collection of the chandelier series handcrafted in three different shades – turquoise, blue and ultramarine. Avia Edition is a limited-edition series of only 99 chandeliers in each of the three colours. Take a look at the copmplete story below. More

  • DRIIN by Studio Algoritmo

    Designed by Studio Algoritmo, DRIIN is a Plexiglas table and wall lamp, designed by Studio Algoritmo for Vesta Design, composed of a sheet of PMMA folded so as to provide support to a cylindrical luminous body. More

  • Southern Flame by Willowlamp

    Willowlamp partnered up with South Africa’s top platform for collectible design, Southern Guild, to showcase Creative Director, Adam Hoets latest piece – Southern Flame. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Hoop lamp by Front

    Hoop lamp by Front

    Front has designed the Hoop Lamp for design brand Zero, which features brightly coloured metal strands that support a globe-shaped diffuser that appears to rest at the bottom of a metal frame. Take a look at the complete story below. More

  • Chris Granneberg

    Baloon Lamp by Chris Granneberg for Gantri

    Baloon Lamp by Chris Granneberg for Gantri Designed by by Chris Granneberg for Gantri , Balloon is a light influenced by mid-century modern style. It is designed to imbue your room with a soft, relaxed atmosphere. Its timeless, minimal style blends seamlessly into wood-focused interiors. During the design process the focus was to produce an […] More

  • JAL by MOS Design

    MOS Design designed this impressive minimalistic lamp. Take a look at the complete story below. More

  • The Best Kids Lighting Solutions

    Kids learn to be responsible and independent when they move to their own room – now they are in charge for cleaning and maintaining everything in the proper order (in reasonable limits, of course). Parents’ goal is to make a kid’s room safe, comfortable and good-looking. From that point lighting seems to be a crucial […] More

  • How To Get The Best Lighting Out of Your Interiors

    Light is the essence of a room’s ambience and mood. Good lighting can completely refresh an interior and improve its atmosphere. But bad lighting can seriously date a space, making it seem unwelcoming. The key to good lighting is to use a mix of light sources and to place lighting at different levels. In this […] More

  • Discover ZARA HOME Autumn Winter 2017 Collection

    Just as it’s clothing brand ZARA HOME is shaping it’s collection by the season, while the additions of new pieces are far more in between compared to the clothing strategy of the Inditex owned companies, the furniture and home decor lines are still often stocked with new addition.  Nevertheless, the two collections a year Spring […] More

  • Bon Ton Pendant Lamps by Cristina Celestino for Torremato

    Designed by Cristina Celestino for Torremato,the bon ton suspension lamps collection has been inspired by pendant earrings. as refined feminine accessories, earrings can be made from many different materials and in different shapes. These lamps are designed in simple forms and with different materials that shape them into dangling pieces of jewelry. The basic parts […] More

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