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LOEWE’s Stunning Lamp Collection at Salone del Mobile 2024

24 Internationally Renowned Artists Illuminate Palazzo Citterio with Unique Designs

Courtesy of Loewe, Genta Ishizuka

LOEWE is set to impress at Salone del Mobile 2024 with its most ambitious collection to date, featuring a stunning array of lamps crafted by 24 internationally renowned artists. The presentation, entitled “LOEWE Lamps,” will showcase floor, table, and suspended lamps in Palazzo Citterio from April 15 to 21, 2024. Each lamp is a unique creation by artists with longstanding ties to the house, exploring light as the central medium in their individual practices. This marks LOEWE’s eighth appearance at the international furniture fair, continuing its tradition of creative experimentation with artists.

Courtesy of Loewe, Magali

For many of the featured artists, this project is their first foray into lamp design, offering an opportunity to explore a wide range of materials and techniques. From bamboo and birch twigs to leather and ceramics, they push the boundaries of each medium to create captivating interactions with light. Inspired by natural and man-made objects, their designs range from organic cells to hanging gourds, reflecting a diverse array of influences and styles.

Courtesy of Loewe, Magdalene
Courtesy of Loewe, Magdalene


Among the standout pieces is Genta Ishizuka‘s suspended lamp, featuring layers of glossy lacquer that reveal glimmers of gold, creating a mesmerizing glow. Dame Magdalene Odundo‘s leather hanging lamp, with its sharp peaks and experimental departure from her usual vessels, is another highlight. Enrico David‘s table lamp, resembling a standing figure against an illuminated onyx disc, and Hafu Matsumoto‘s woven bamboo table lamp showcase the artists’ unique visions and craftsmanship.

Courtesy of Loewe, Andile
Courtesy of Loewe, Andile

The collection also includes designs by Alvaro Barrington, Zizipho Poswa, and many more, each contributing to the diverse array of creativity showcased. Alongside the lamps, LOEWE will offer a range of homewares and accessories, including woven leather ikebana vases and reimagined Puzzle and Hammock bags. These exclusive items will be available at Palazzo Citterio and the Montenapoleone store. 

View the collection in the Gallery below:

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  1. This whole thing about LOEWE’s lamp collection at Salone del Mobile sounds super fancy and artsy on paper, but honestly, it feels like it might be a bit overhyped. They’re bringing in 24 big-name artists to craft these lamps, which is cool and all, but since it’s their first time designing lamps, how good can these designs really be? It’s a gamble, not a guaranteed win.

    The article boasts about using all these different materials like bamboo, leather, and ceramics—which is definitely intriguing—but just throwing all sorts of materials into the mix doesn’t automatically make something great. It could end up looking like a mismatched mess if not done right. And let’s not forget the possible practicality issues. How sturdy are these lamps? Are they safe and functional, or just pretty to look at?

    Also, it mentions these lamps are inspired by everything from organic cells to hanging gourds. That’s a really wide net to cast, and it sounds like they’re trying too hard to be quirky and unique. Sometimes simplicity is key; not everything has to be a groundbreaking work of art, especially when it comes to everyday items like lamps.

    In all, while the ambition is commendable, it seems like LOEWE might be biting off more than they can chew for their eighth run at this fair. It’s one thing to experiment, but another to ensure that the end product is something people would actually want in their homes.

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