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JEFFREY Lamp: +kouple’s Eco-Friendly Lighting Solution

Designing Light with a Purpose

Courtesy of +kouple, Photography by Andriy Bezuglov

The JEFFREY lamp by +kouple represents a revolutionary blend of modern design and eco-conscious innovation. Crafted by designer Dan Vakhrameyev, this lamp offers aesthetically pleasing illumination and also incorporates sound-absorbing capabilities, courtesy of recycled PET felt. Through a partnership with Re:Quiet, the lamp aims to minimize noise reverberation in office spaces or open-concept living areas, prioritizing tranquility in the midst of busy surroundings. CEO Kateryna Vakhrameyeva emphasizes the brand’s commitment to sustainability, advocating for the widespread adoption of recycled materials to combat waste and enhance environmental responsibility.

With its GU10 socket and modular design, the JEFFREY lamp offers versatility, accommodating various LED bulbs and allowing for seamless integration with additional units. Delivered in a flat-packed format for easy assembly, the JEFFREY lamp embodies the philosophy of +kouple — delivering clean, sustainable, and minimalist designs that elevate the ambiance of interior environments while promoting environmental responsibility.

Courtesy of +kouple, Photography by Andriy Bezuglov

We had a conversation with Kateryna Vakhrameyeva, the CEO of +kouple, about what makes the JEFFREY LAMP’s design so unique.

Can you elaborate on the design philosophy of JEFFREY lamp?

The design philosophy behind JEFFREY is based on the simplicity of geometric forms in combination with material structure.

How does the use of recycled and sound-absorbing materials align with JEFFREY lamp’s design?

The design was created around the material’s technical specifications. Dan Vakhrameyev, the designer behind the JEFFREY lamp, intended to highlight the layers of sliced material visually, creating a more graphical symmetry impression.

Courtesy of +kouple, Photography by Andriy Bezuglov
Courtesy of +kouple, Photography by Andriy Bezuglov

What inspired the decision to integrate sound-absorbing properties into the lamp’s design, and how does it contribute to creating a calming ambiance in interior spaces?

We are convinced that any modern interior has a few essential elements that need to be balanced: a soothing sound atmosphere is one of them. A general design rule is that adding sound-absorbing materials to the interior would create a calming ambiance.

Could you describe the practical features of JEFFREY lamp?

First of all, as our press release also stated, the light provided by the GU10 socket as a light source with replaceable LED bulbs provides a variety of power, temperature, and angles of light to choose from. Furthermore, a practical adjoining panel allows numerous lamp combinations into different pattern sets, according to the interior layout, for a more soundproof effect. This additional feature component brings new mood aspects into general space fulfillment.

Courtesy of +kouple, Photography by Andriy Bezuglov

Can you discuss the significance of the partnership with the Kyiv-based Re:Quiet team in sourcing the recycled polyester “PET-felt” material?

Reliable partner, one of the first ones in Ukraine to import and work with PET-felt material. Like-minded team sharing the goal of local producer support and development.

How does  JEFFREY lamp contribute to the broader goal of incorporating more recycled materials into daily usage?

Product design must incorporate more recycled materials into our daily routines. In this way, we share the responsibility for improving the environmental situation and reducing the amount of waste on the planet.

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