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  • Darin Reynolds Unveils COOKFOX Architects’ Vision for Sustainable Urban Living

    Darin Reynolds, Partner at COOKFOX Architects, sits down with Archiscene to discuss the firm’s remarkable contributions to Water Street Tampa, Florida. This exclusive interview unveils the innovative spirit behind COOKFOX’s design of two significant landmarks within North America’s first WELL Certified community. The work on 1001 Water Street, a pioneering 20-story biophilic workplace, and Cora, […] More


    Going Green – The Airports Embracing Sustainability

    Businesses are constantly adapting to more eco-friendly ways of operating, and airports are no different. With increasing pressure from governments, lobbyists and public opinion, airport transformation projects are no longer just a matter of aesthetic design and profit-making. Instead, they’re taking on a much more climate-focused approach. However, it is still important that development projects […] More

  • Simple Roofing Modifications Boost Solar Power No Matter The Weather

    When discussing solar energy, people tend to make a variety of ill-informed assertions – and a lot of them have to do with weather. For example, if it rains, will the power go out? What about snow? What these questions miss is that solar power is actually suitable for just about any environment. Solar panels […] More

  • Energy Efficient Materials for New Builds

    Climate change is an international concern and changing the way we construct, heat and power our buildings will be crucial in the fight against global warming. The world’s environmental experts, energy advisors, and construction industries are constantly looking for greener and more eco-friendly ways to build and insulate our buildings; and this search has unearthed […] More

  • The Biggest Green Housing Trends of 2019

    The world is becoming increasingly aware of how to become environmentally friendly, and this is reflected widely in housing trends. Recent years have seen an increase in people looking to build eco-friendly homes and convert their house with green features such as solar panels. This trend has not slowed down in 2019 however, and here […] More

  • The Many Advantages of Using Structural Insulated Eco Panels

    Eco panels are insulated wall systems providing structural framing, exterior weather tightness and insulation using a panelised wall. It is a high-performance system that is becoming popular these days. Several countries have already decided to promote their use, and many others are discovering their benefits. Speaking of benefits, there are other potential benefits you will […] More

  • Why Air Barriers are Important for Your Building Project

      Is your firm embarking on a big renovation project or build? You need to consider many different things when planning a new build. One such thing which can be overlooked if you are not careful is the air leakage and the effect moisture can have on the building if left unchecked. Let’s take a […] More