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The Many Advantages of Using Structural Insulated Eco Panels

Eco panels are insulated wall systems providing structural framing, exterior weather tightness and insulation using a panelised wall. It is a high-performance system that is becoming popular these days. Several countries have already decided to promote their use, and many others are discovering their benefits. Speaking of benefits, there are other potential benefits you will receive in using eco panels for construction.

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Save money on heating bills

During the freezing winter nights, you might have to increase your use of heating devices at home. As a result, you end up with the high cost of heating bills. Using eco panels is perfect as they could improve insulation. They are also environment-friendly. Given that the panels are airtight, the amount of energy used for cooling or heating a room will drastically reduce, by up to 50%. The buildings will not only become more energy efficient but also quieter and stronger.

Reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released

We are facing the threats of global warming because of an increased carbon footprint. Therefore, it is crucial to find ways of reducing its impact. Using SIP UK panels or structural insulated panels will help reduce carbon emissions. In the UK, houses account for up to 30% of the country’s carbon dioxide emissions. A complete shift to the use of eco panels could have positive effects. Apart from that, the outer skin of these panels also uses wood from young and fast-growing trees. These young trees help produce more oxygen and absorb more carbon dioxide than mature trees.

Flexible design

The flexibility of these panels is crucial as you can use them even in buildings with unique shapes and construction methods. Anyone who has the task of installing the eco panels will not have a hard time doing it.

Faster construction

Construction using eco panels can also happen at a much quicker rate. It is up to 60% faster than traditional building construction. In a regular process, it starts by cutting the panels, stacking them and accurately numbering them wall by wall and roof to roof. As a result, the construction of a two-storey house could be up to three days, and erection could finish in about ten days. With faster creation, labour costs could also go down. The use of bricklayers for the construction of the inner leaf which is typical for a traditional building is not necessary anymore.

These are only some benefits of using eco panels. It is crucial that you understand first why they are becoming a popular choice, and how you could maximise their use. You can start by consulting with construction experts and allow them to explain to you why builders these days prefer using eco panels. If you are looking at quality construction that will finish within a few days and is durable, you need to consider eco panels.

It also helps if you visit residential or commercial establishments using these eco panels to see how they look and if you are comfortable with the idea of using them at home.

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