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Four Modern Hotel Design Trends to Watch Out For

Hotels are changing and they are changing fast, here are four modern design trends our interior design editors noticed:

Today, the expectations of hotel guests are higher than ever before. Even if it’s just an overnight stay, they certainly appreciate personalised experiences, exotic textures, and exquisite materials, all with a home from home feel. Modern hotels are bumping up their competitiveness and placing more focus on the guest experience than ever before. Whether you’re updating an existing hotel or starting a completely new one, here are some interesting, creative hotel trends to watch out for this year and beyond.

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1. Even More Personalisation

Today’s hotels need to place even more focus on putting together memorable experiences for their guests, rather than simply offering a range of essential services and amenities. They need to learn to become more creative when it comes to tailoring the guest experience; boutique hotels are a great place to start when it comes to inspiration. Personalized greetings upon arrival, carefully curated welcome packs, and other unique pieces and touches put together by the hotel can make a huge difference to the stay by creating truly unique, captivating experiences for guests.

2. Home from Home Feel

The rise of Airbnb has driven the ‘home from home’ feel in hotels these days. Guests prefer to stay in a hotel room that feels like they’re right at home with everything that they would normally have in their own bedroom at home available to them. Many hotels are adding coffee machines, small, home-style kitchenettes that guests can use to prepare their own food, and charging stations plus high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity are becoming a must. When providing utilities to your hotel, it’s no longer just enough to shop around for electricity and gas for hotels – you should also find a connectivity package that offers better connectivity than the broadband in your guests’ homes.

3. Smart Room Technology

Smart technology is no longer futuristic; it’s making its way into many homes around the world, and when it comes to hotels, these technologies and devices can be a welcome addition to a room. Today’s guests already enjoy mobile bookings and payments and even using a WordPress appointment booking plugin, but the future of hotel stays lies in mobile room keys, the ability to send a text to reception instead of making a phone call, and the ability use their smartphone to change and save personal preferences in their room such as temperature and lighting.

4. Personalized Entertainment

Gone are the days of ancient hotel TV sets offering a small selection of Freeview channels. Today’s guests want to be provided with the same kind of entertainment that they are used to at home. And, smart TVs are becoming the standard choice of product, making it easier than ever for hotels to provide their guests with a television set that allows them to log into and access their own subscribed content from services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube without breaking the bank. In addition, smart devices like Google Home or Amazon Alexa can be voice-activated by guests to play music or answer questions about local activities and eateries, local weather and more.

Today, in the ever changing travel industry hotels need to work harder than ever before to provide a personalised, memorable experience for each guest.

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Preservation of Silence by CXEMA

Preservation of Silence by CXEMA

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