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Bemmel Residence by Maxim Winkelaar and Bob Ronday

Maxim Winkelaar

Interesting design for the family house in Bemmel, The Netherlands is work of creatives and associates Maxim Winkelaar and Bob Ronday.

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From the Architects:

The wish of this client was a white contemporary minimalistic villa in combination with an office space. We have made a design that exactly suits the wishes of our client. We have used big window frames so there is from the inside a nice view at the surroundings. The large porch at the rear of the house strengthened the inside-out relationship. The residence is well insulated en there is a heat pump installation. Next to the house is a natural swimming pool.

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Project: Bemmel Residence
Designed by Maxim Winkelaar, Bob Ronday
Location: Bemmel, The Netherlands

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