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Crystal River Treehouse by David Rasmussen Design

Crystal River Treehouse

Project: Crystal River Treehouse
Designed by David Rasmussen Design
Showing he's not only a skilled furniture designer, David Rasmussen creates the whimsical Crystal River Treehouse. For more continue after the jump:

Crystal River TreehouseCrystal River TreehouseCrystal River TreehouseCrystal River Treehouse

From the Designer:

The Crystal River treehouse is an organic space that came together as the forest and locally available materials allowed. This treehouse was build with log columns as the main support, since the trees on the property are not strong enough to build on. The framing materials of this treehouse are made up of either re-claimed or blown-down timbers. The pin foundation system used here was chosen for its minimal impact to root systems of the surrounding trees.

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