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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) by AECOM


Project: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
Designed by AECOM
Location: Los Angeles, USA
AECOM's impressive project for the very busy Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), discover more about the design after the jump:


From the Architects:

AECOM’s ability to integrate technology software programs and add value to our clients’ projects is demonstrated at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). By innovative use of specialized software we’re helping reduce construction-related impacts and saving our client, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), time and money.

Currently, there is $2.2 billion worth of tenant and LAWA work within the existing Central Terminal Area (CTA). These projects are managed by more than 50 general contractors and design teams. Many of the projects are initiated by the airlines and the new concessionaires, and consequently, not under the direct control of LAWA.

To help LAWA identify potential construction conflicts and service disruptions while these projects are simultaneously taking place, Mike Sabbatino, GIS project manager, along with LAWA staff and members of our sub consultant group, formed the Coordination and Logistics Management (CALM) team. “Each project is tracked with a start and end date as well as in individual phases,” he said. “This allows the project managers to analyze adjacent projects that may have conflicting activities at the same time, and mitigate or minimize passenger and tenant interruptions.”

In an extensive collaboration with LAWA personnel, the CALM team planned, designed and implemented a geospatial system, procured the components and ensured that user group needs were met. Data on all capital improvement projects and related areas of impact (ie: staging areas, paths of construction worker access, etc.) at LAX is collected, processed and inserted into a geographic information system. The data is then made available airport-wide through an interactive capital improvement project map, allowing personnel to sort all data by any area of construction.

“This tool will not only permit operations and emergency response to have instant, 24/7 access to data that might be currently impacting their operations, but it also allows LAWA to develop long-term phasing plans for tenant work so that the airport can rationally make decisions concerning its own resources, ” says Luci Woodard, transportation project manager leading t he CALM team.

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