Taking Your Architecture Design Business Viral

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When your architecture designs go viral, it means they go haywire, they reverberate and spread like a wildfire and end-up becoming one of the greatest things circulating the internet. It’s when your architecture designs are shared, blogged about, republished, retweeted and talked about by professionals from the streets of Sydney through Singapore all the way to Los Angeles and earn you so many views and an audience that you could have never imagined. Image above features The Cliff House by Moodscape which was shared more than 30,000 times on ArchiSCENE social media. 

Viral marketing can be a powerful tool for your business, with a possible outcome that could catapult your reputation. To make your architecture design business go viral is an ambition that you should seriously work to achieve. Despite the different strategies employed by businesses to improve their chances of going viral, no one has exactly pointed out what makes things go viral. What you need is creativity and to come up with enticing designs and the right technology, but also keep in mind that for your designs to go viral, you will need a bit more than luck.


How technology has affected the architecture design industry

The advent of the internet, social media networks and other technologies have made it much easier and more efficient for businesses to promote designs, but competition has become robust and the customer has become smarter. There are better opportunities today as small businesses can now implement various technologies and other online tools to make the playing field even against larger more established competition. You don’t have to rent an office in a high-rise building to promote your designs; you can use tools such as B2B platforms, online content and social media to spread your word. Image above: Tubular glass house by Aibek Almassov

The current state of the architecture industry

The architecture industry has experienced significant growth over the last couple of years, largely due to rebounding economies, a stronger property market and growth in the construction industry. However, even with this upward trend set to go beyond 2017, architecture design businesses will need to implement the latest technologies to stay ahead of competition and increase their potential market share. Social media, creative designs and attracting an audience should be a top priority for any business looking to go viral. The importance of viral marketing for the architecture design business cannot be emphasised enough. It will determine the success or failure of a business.


How to make your architecture design business go viral

An audience’s reaction to a product or service is what makes it go viral. It’s not something anyone can manufacture. A Facebook page (visit our own @archiscene), tweet, blog post, photo, video or product can go viral and be shared on apps, tablets and computers, etc. When you think of making something go viral, don’t limit yourself to whether it can or not. Image above: Vessel by Heatherwick Studio

Why does an audience share?

Why would you share a photo or video? Here are some reasons why people will talk about your architecture designs:

• Your designs are good. They do what they promise and perhaps more. They solve customer problems and enable efficiency within an organization.

• Your designs make people feel good. They give your prospects an aspirational quality that allows them to think that others think better of them. Sharing them sheds some light into the notion that they are informed and are experts in their field.

• Your designs are cheap. They fulfil their objective considering the price paid for the value of the solution.

Know which designs can trend

The reason a product goes viral is because it touches people in some way or another. People spend their time on the internet all the time looking for something of value. Your designs should entertain, inform, inspire and motivate your audience.


Make your services easy to find

Any product or service that’s difficult to find won’t go viral. If no one can find it, no one can share it. Have a name that’s easy to remember. Use social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or Flickr to promote your architecture design business, and make sure that your business contains the right keywords that people will use. Image above: Residence in Italy by Diff.Studio

Do your research and find your target audience before you anticipate going viral. Monitor their activities on social media sites, join forums and make meaningful and informative contributions, and you’ll start to see an increase in viewership.

Before you launch your start-up, make sure that you employ a system to record customer payments. Such an online invoicing template will allow you to monitor customer records and make your business more efficient.

Although some commentators describe “going viral” as a mere happy accident, businesses today can use the right marketing strategies to put them in the best position to go viral. All it takes is a good online marketing approach, creativity and hard work.