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Raiffeisen Bank Zurich by NAU

Raiffeisen Bank Zurich

Project: Raiffeisen Bank’s Flagship
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Designed by NAU
For Raiffeisen Bank's Flagship the concept of banking as we know it got a new definition, interior designers from the world renowned NAU have created an environment reminding more of a high-end retail space or an open lounge than a traditional bank. 

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Raiffeisen Bank Zurich Raiffeisen Bank Zurich Raiffeisen Bank Zurich Raiffeisen Bank Zurich Raiffeisen Bank Zurich Raiffeisen Bank Zurich

Raiffeisen's flagship branch on Zurich's Kreuzplatz dissolves traditional barriers between customer and employee, creating a new type of 'open bank', a space of encounter. Advance technologies make banking infrastructure largely invisible, employees access terminals concealed in furniture elements, while a robotic retrieval system grants 24 hours access to safety deposit boxes. This shifts the bank's role into becoming a light-filled, inviting environment – an open lounge where customers can learn about new products and services. This lounge feels more like a high-end retail environment than a traditional bank interior. Conversations can stat spontaneously around a touchscreen equipped info-table and transitions to meeting rooms for more private discussions. The info-table not only displays figures from world markets in realtime, but can be used to interactively discover the history of Hottingen, or just check the latest sports scores.

Raiffeisen Bank Zurich

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