Top Cleaning Tips to Tackle the Interior of Your Campervan

Whether you’re preparing to go out on an adventure, you’ve just got back from your travels, or your camper has been sat in the garage for a few months and is in need of a freshen up, it’s important to make sure your campervan is clean and tidy. It can be very easy to let the interiors of your camper become dirty and messy, due to living in a smaller space or not spending as much time in there as you do in the house. From travelling to keeping its value, maintaining the cleanliness of your campers’ interiors is essential, and these top cleaning tips will help you keep it in pristine condition!


First things first you should always de-clutter your camper. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to clean a space that is overloaded with rubbish, so focus on throwing away any rubbish or unwanted items to give yourself a clear canvas to work with. You often find that clutter such as magazines, newspapers, tourist leaflets and manuals can gather all over the camper and end up staying there for months. You probably don’t need these anymore and they may be outdated, so either throw them away or take them into the house.

Dust Down

Once you have a clear space to clean, you should begin by dusting down all surfaces. This is always better to be done as a first step, as you don’t want to be dusting onto clean, freshly washed surfaces. Dust can be a nightmare in campervans, especially ones that haven’t been used for a while, so make sure you get up into every corner, on top of all cupboards and behind all spaces that may gather dust.



Vacuum and Sweep

It doesn’t matter whether you have vinyl or carpet flooring in your camper, the hoover is going to be your best friend. So much dirt can gather on the camper floor, from food crumbs to general dirt from outside, so having a good hoover will really help to clear the floor space and make it fresh again. You can also hoover down your seats, as the upholstery fabric can often gather dirt that results in it looking dirtier and darker than it really is. For surfaces, try to sweep them down with a hard-bristled brush, as this will help to remove any dirt that has settled on the surface.

Clean the Kitchen

Ideally, you want to make sure your campervan kitchen area is cleaned straight after use, as it’s really difficult to clean the surfaces properly when the grime scale and dirt has had chance to set. Kitchens can be stubborn, so invest in some good quality cleaning products that can be left under the sink area to tackle any dirt when needed. You may find that your oven simply needs a quick polish, which will help to lift the atmosphere within the camper and make it look shiny and fresh.

Empty the Cupboards

Many people forget to check the cupboards after a trip in the campervan, which is usually not too much of an issue as the majority of food required comes in a tin. Check your cupboards for any food that may have gone off or past it’s sell by date, and try to keep them neat and tidy. It’s also beneficial to give the cupboards a good wipe down and disinfect them, as this will ensure no food has gathered or begun to rot, as this could cause rodents.

All images from minimal Volkswagen bus interior design by Nils Holger Moormann

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