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  • Apartment Tour: Loft 32 Zlín by petrjanda/brainwork

    Czech studio petrjanda/brainwok designed this stunning loft apartment by transforming the space into an abstract composition. The townscape of Zlín is integrated into the space of the apartment presenting the industrial aspect of the design. The apartment is a true celebration of minimalism respecting the aspects of minimal living space. Take a look at the […] More

  • dining room

    Ways to Create a Dining Room in a Small Apartment

    You will agree with us that space is nothing less than a luxury today, more so if you live in a small apartment. If you want to revamp your place, and are looking for ways to create a dining room in your cozy apartment and nothing seems to work out – don’t get disheartened yet. […] More

  • 3 Tips to Furnishing your Living Room

    Living it up in any space is possible with a good eye and a little thoughtfulness in terms of furniture and interior décor. Popular trends in interior decoration have led us back to the almighty lounge –a trend that appeared to have all but disappeared in the 1990’s. For a while there, living rooms lost […] More

  • Top Cleaning Tips to Tackle the Interior of Your Campervan

    Whether you’re preparing to go out on an adventure, you’ve just got back from your travels, or your camper has been sat in the garage for a few months and is in need of a freshen up, it’s important to make sure your campervan is clean and tidy. It can be very easy to let […] More

  • Modern Bathroom

    5 Essential Features of a Modern Bathroom

    Whether you are renovating a house to add value, or you are looking to make improvements to enhance your home life, the bathroom is often one of the last rooms people spend money on. Homeowners would rather focus and spend their efforts renovating the kitchen, lounge or master bedroom, however, a luxury bathroom can create […] More

  • Home Design

    Top 6 Most Important Home Design Blogging Tips

    There are many benefits to starting a blog: you can improve your sense of self-worth, meet new people, get your name out into the world, and just have fun. What’s important, however, is to choose a blogging niche that’s popular and will attract a wide audience so that each of those benefits can become a […] More

  • Why Interior Design Is So Important in Business

    You may only think of interior design when it comes to homes, but did you know that interior design is also very important in a business environment? If you search through, you will find a variety of local event spaces that are already employing interior design in order to attract more customers who will […] More

  • How to Add Value to Your Property Through Landscaping

    When we think about adding value to our home, the first things that come to mind are typically things like kitchen renovations, adding an en suite, or updating the bathroom. Many homeowners are neglecting the fact that the garden is one of the most valuable parts of their property. Image above House of Eight Gardens […] More

  • Making the Outside of your House Look Amazing

    There are many different ways you can keep the outside of your house looking great, and vinyl cladding is an excellent way to make your home look great. A lot of people take great pride in their house, and as well as decorating the inside of their home, they will also go to great lengths […] More

  • Renter’s Guide to Smart & Easy Renovations

    How much are you going to invest in a property you do not actually own? Often, this is one of most common dilemmas of every renter across the world. Most of the time, you question yourself if it is worth it to do some changes in your home or not. At the back of your […] More

  • Great Ideas for Home Outdoor Lighting

    There are few things that change the feel of a room or space more drastically than lighting, and while people often spend a lot of time considering the different types of interior options, when it comes to outdoor lighting people all too often just throw-up some type of spotlight or timed lamp without giving it […] More

  • It’s all in the Visual: How To Improve The Aesthetic In Your Home

    Whenever we talk about home-improvement, we almost always focus on modifications that add value. This makes perfect sense, especially when you consider that the primary aim of home-improvement is often to optimise resale value prior to a sale. While there are plenty of modifications that offer an impressive ROI and add value to your home, […] More

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