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Top Tips For A Nordic Inspired Home Interior


Nordic design is simplicity in its most beautiful form. Nordic homes have a pared backed style centred around warmth, elegance, clean lines, craftsmanship and functionality. Here are some tips to help you achieve this much loved style in your home and you won’t have to make a single trip to IKEA – unless you really want to.

Nordic design is not a singular thing but a cohesive amalgamation of various styles with distinct roots but something they all have in common in the modern era is a shared use of muted tones and honest materials.


White walls and suave grey and blue textiles definitely inspires thoughts of a sleek loft apartment in Oslo. Make use of light colours on your walls such as white, soft grey and pale blue and green pastels. Make it pop with black trim and accent with soft furnishings in creams and biscuit colours.


Love wood

Wall to wall carpets are almost unheard of in some Nordic countries and all truly Nordic interiors will have light wooden floors. Don’t be afraid of showing wood, introduce cladding for texture but de-yellow wood with a grey wood-stain or the like. Image above from apartment of blogger Annika Von Holdt – see more of it on ArchiSCENE.

Make it warm and be eco-friendly

The Nordic people have been quick to embrace eco-technology such as triple-glazing, wall and loft insulation, heat pumps and rainwater harvesting. This helps to keep their homes warm as Nordic winters are much harsher than those in the UK. Many authentic Nordic homes will have a fireplace but they are often simple wood-burners or single columns in the corner rather than the ostentatiously designed British fireplaces. It probably wouldn’t be an easy job to put a wood-burner in your apartment so a great alternative is something like Verismart Heating electric radiator which despite not being Nordic (it’s the look we are going for not the providence) is functional, eco-friendly, warm and attractive with clean lines. All things you would expect to find in a Nordic interior.

Make it functional

Nordic interiors are functional. It’s rare that you’ll find pointless decoration or over-enthusiastic use of ornaments. Clutter is a big no-no so opt for furniture with plenty of storage or better still, have a clear out! Oversized mirrors are more functional than you’d think as not only are they a great design touch they add the illusion of space and reflect a huge amount of light. Open shelving, mirrored frames and copper fixtures like lampshades have the same effect of making a space seem larger and bouncing more light around.



Bright pops of colour really liven up the kitchen whilst still sticking to the neutral, minimalistic look. Colourful jugs to put utensils in, simple art on the walls, a plant or two and a funky metal light shade will add charm to your kitchen and give it a cheerful vibe. White or charcoal tiles are a must.

The key to beautiful Nordic design is all about simplicity. Don’t over complicate a room or try to fit too much into it and you can’t go wrong.

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