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Shengsi Islands – Renewing China’s Traditional Village Lifestyle Proposal by Triple O Studio

Shengsi Islands Triple O Studio

Project: Shengsi Islands – Renewing China's Traditional Village Lifestyle Proposal 
Designed by Triple O Studio
Project Team: Anupriya Subbian, Tahaer Zoyab, Jeevanandam S., Hrushita Devey, Rizwan Khan, Venkatraman Damodaran
Location: Shengsi Islands, China
Triple O Studio shares with us Shengsi Islands project aimed to renew China's traditional village lifestyle. To take part in the proposal providing urban redevelopment for these three islands, only young architects, students and emerging practices were invited.

Shengsi Islands Triple O StudioShengsi Islands Triple O StudioShengsi Islands Triple O StudioShengsi Islands Triple O Studio

From the Architects:

Zhoushan has long been known as the place to go for the benefits of fish and salt, of convenient marine transport and its rich resources and beautiful scenery. Island tourism, with its marine culture, Buddhist mountain, seafood and seashore recreation, is becoming one of the leading industries in Zhoushan. There are a variety of activities for visitors to the Zhoushan islands, exploration, water and beach sports, marine science, seafood, sightseeing, fishing, living with fisherman’s families, as well as several festivals.

Huanglong – Huanglong island is located at the junction of Yangtze river and Hangzhou bay. Tourism is the most promising industry at present with the urbanites favoring seashore leisure holiday tourism.

Huaniao – The sea area of Huaniao Island is part of the international route. The largest lighthouse is set up in the northwestern mountain in the island, named a national heritage site in 2001. The natural landscape of Huaniao Island is in proximity to the magnificent ocean, beautiful reefs, peculiar rocks and steep cliffs. Based on the reality of Huaniao Island, it is vital that the marine tourism resources and historic resources should be developed at a reasonable pace.

Gouqi – The coastal zone of Gouqi Island in the East China Sea is one of the important mussel-cultivation areas in China. It is therefore important to ensure sustainable and stable cultivation. As a major fishing harbor of Shengsi ground in the East China sea fishing area,the Shengshan- Gouqi Harbor Area is a major base for mass fishery,and also the largest aquaculture base in the county. This could be one of the best fishing or outdoors adventure locations in the regions of Asia/Pacific.

"The Story Trails" Keeping this in mind, the intervention seeks to address and enhance the vast array of opportunities while staying true to the culture, lifestyle and livelihood on the islands. Each island has a unique story to tell – historical, geographical, cultural, occupational and many more. The idea behind the 'story trails' is basically a narrative of the lives of the people to the rest of China, and the world beyond, to the tourists that come in from urbanized places.

The proposal is sensitive to the context taking care not to overpower the natural scenario. The premise is to create a brand and an identity for the islands. This is accomplished by portraying the scenario in an almost poetic manner, intertwining with and respecting the culture that is specific to each island. A person on the story trail walks on the beach, climbs up the hills, lives with the fishermen, prays to the island Gods, angles for a great catch, enjoys the delectable sea food, leaves with a profound sense of respect and awe for the beauty of the islands and keeps coming back for more.

Lifestyle, empoyment and investment opportunities soar as the locals are involved in every step of the process. The program enhances the quality of life for the people and creates opportunities to generate revenue via tourism with a strong basis on the natural beauty and the indigenous lifestyle.

The trails have been designed with a strong sense of sensitivity to the context. They adhere to the contours and rigour of the terrain. They blend into the villages, soar at the vantage points and come down to meet the ocean. They are conceived using locally sourced materials in tune with the eco-consciousness of the proposal. They are nature dependent, nature enhanced and nature incidental.

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