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  • Shengsi Islands – Renewing China’s Traditional Village Lifestyle Proposal by Triple O Studio

    Project: Shengsi Islands – Renewing China's Traditional Village Lifestyle Proposal  Designed by Triple O Studio Project Team: Anupriya Subbian, Tahaer Zoyab, Jeevanandam S., Hrushita Devey, Rizwan Khan, Venkatraman Damodaran Location: Shengsi Islands, China Website: Triple O Studio shares with us Shengsi Islands project aimed to renew China's traditional village lifestyle. To take part in the proposal providing urban redevelopment for these three islands, only […] More

  • Wilderness Project by Triple O Studio

    Project: Wilderness Project  Designed by Triple O Studio Project Team: Anupriya Subbian, Jeevanandam S, Karthik A, Nikhil Clifford, Tahaer Zoyab  Location: Russia Website: Triple O Studio shares with us Wilderness Project, design for which they received an honorable mention at Social Housing Revolution 2012 in Russia. For more images as well as architects description continue after the jump: More

  • Connect_Kiev_ity by Triple O Studio

    Project: Kiev Islands Project Designed by Triple O Studio Project Team: A.G Praveen, Anupriya Subbian, Jeevanandam Jeeva, Karthik Ar, Nitesh Khated, Sriram Adithya, Tahaer Zoyab, Tousif Iqbal Special Thanks: Nikhil Clifford, Rajan Gero, Zoyab Kad  Location: Kiev Islands, Ukraine  Website: & Triple O Studio shares with us their engaging Kiev Islands Project, whose design finds a better way to integrate the […] More

  • Dargah by Triple O Studio

    Project: Dargah (Shrine) Designed by Triple O Studio Team members: Anupriya, A.G Praveen. Jeevanandam, Tahaer Zoyab Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Website: Triple O Studio shares with us another outstanding example of how traditional and contemporary architecture can coexist in religious architecture, talented architects at the studio have created the design for  Dargah in Chennai. More

  • Disaster prevention and Education Centre by Triple O Studio

    Project: Disaster prevention and education Centre Designed by Triple O Studio Team members:  Arshad Syed, Anupriya Subbian, Nithesh Khatod, Rajan Gero, Sriram Adithya, Tahaer Zoyab, Vamsi Kirshna Client: ThyssenKrupp Elevator Location: Istanbul, Turkey Website: Triple O Studio share with us their project for Disaster prevention and education Centre in Turkey, going with the theme of the competition they describe their design as […] More