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  • Büro Business Center by ZIKZAK Architects

    5QUEENS Development, a Limassol-based company, has unveiled plans for the Büro Business Center, a project that promises to redefine the skyline of the city’s business district. Collaborating with the esteemed ZIKZAK Architects for the façade design, this business center stands out as a beacon of environmental consciousness, integrating cutting-edge technology and design inspired by the […] More



    SENCE ARCHITECTS have unveiled its latest project, NOM House, a groundbreaking architectural project set to redefine modern family living. Nestled in the vibrant city of Limassol, NOM House offers a compact yet highly adaptable living space designed to cater to the evolving needs of a young family, all while maintaining the integrity of the overall […] More

  • ZIKZAK Architects

    Enalian by ZIKZAK Architects

    Enalian, a prominent legal company in Cyprus, has unveiled its newly designed office in Limassol, a workspace that aims to transport clients into an environment of calm and relaxation. ZIKZAK Architects spearheaded the project, transforming the office into a serene haven inspired by the tranquil coastal landscapes of the island. Enalian recognized the need for […] More

  • ZIKZAK Architects

    SEVERITY Cyprus by ZIKZAK Architects

    ZIKZAK Architects has recently unveiled their latest project – a cutting-edge office space located in the picturesque country of Cyprus. This innovative design is tailored specifically for an esteemed international IT company, showcasing ZIKZAK’s prowess in creating functional yet visually striking work environments. The client was tasked with the redesign of an existing working environment, with […] More

  • ZIKZAK Architects

    ZIKZAK Architects design Cyprus Office for International Crypto-trading Company 3Commas

    ZIKZAK Architects have recently completed work on the Cyprus office for International Crypto-trading Company 3Commas. It is one of ZIKZAK Architects’ first projects on the island of Cyprus. The team had to adapt quickly to a new setting and become familiar with the variations in the design process. After all, setting priorities incorrectly in the […] More

  • Residence 222 by Eraclis Papachristou Architects

    Eraclis Papachristou Architects designed this stunning private residence in Nicosia, Cyprus. It is a longitudinal volume of exposed concrete that is situated in wheat fields and functions as a hinge between the sky and the ground. It is a structure that rises above the surrounding environment. The entryway, a singularly stunning emptiness that spans half […] More

  • ZIKZAK Architects design Landmark Office Project in Limassol

    ZIKZAK Architects design Landmark Office Project in Limassol

    ZIKZAK Architects present their latest project in Limassol for an international IT company. The architects have developed a new expressive and futuristic facade for the building, which will become the decoration and object of attention of Limassol. The team at ZIKZAK Architects spent more than three months working on the accent facade for the new […] More

  • Otomi Studio

    Otomi Studio designs Seafront Duplex in Limassol

    Otomi Studio has recently completed an interior design project for a duplex apartment in Limassol, Cyprus. The two storey apartment overlooks the Mediterranean sea and offers a refuge  where well-being aligns with design providing unique sensations in an elegant space. This project’s main challenge was to turn this enormous space into a more intimate setting […] More

  • ZIKZAK Architects

    ZIKZAK Architects designs Office in Limassol

    ZIKZAK Architects has designed the office space for a renowned IT firm in Limassol, Cyprus. Because the client has offices all over the world, the Cypriot interior design was inspired by the island’s scenic beauty. Genuine materials, natural hues, light surfaces, and rough textures dominate the design. “The project is very interesting! The work on […] More

  • The Garden House in the City by Christos Pavlou Architecture

    Christos Pavlou Architecture has designed the “Garden House” in Nicosia, Cyprus, a house that brings nature back to the city. The design emphasizes the potential for private urban gardens and the microclimates they create to improve living conditions within cities and slow global warming. Discover more after the jump. More

  • White Walls by Jean Nouvel

    Designed in 2015 by Architect Jean Nouvel, this contemporary tower situated in Nicosia, Cyprus, transforms the city silhouette. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Paliourokampos Park at Latsia, Cyprus by Ariadni Vozani and Eirini Androutsopoulou

    Project: Park at Latsia, Cyprus Designed by Ariadni Vozani, Eirini Androutsopoulou Project Team: Antonis Tzortzis, Manos Saratsis, Marianna Stavridou, Nella Stefanatou Consultants: Nelly Marda, Andreas Ioannidis Client: Municipality of Latsia, Cyprus Location: Latsia, Cyprus Website: & Ariadni Vozani and Eirini Androutsopoulou share with us their proposal for the design of Park at Latsia in Cyprus. Discover more of the design along with […] More

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