4 Stunning and Affordable Places in The Philippines

Here are 4 of the most popular areas to rent or buy in the Philippines today

4 Stunning and Affordable Places in The Philippines

Set right in the middle of the scenic Pacific Ocean, it’s no wonder that the Philippines has become an enticing attraction for tourists and retirees alike. Whether you’re looking for exotic vistas, stunning coastal towns, or bustling cities, the fast-growing nation has something for everyone.

Many of these locations are also attractive because of their reasonable cost of living. Here are 4 of the most popular areas to rent or buy in the Philippines today. 

Davao City

The regional hub of the Davao region and the third-largest city in the Philippines, Davao City is a great option for those looking for a bustling, modern metropolis. As a result, the city is home to several arresting cultural sites, including the People’s Park and the D’Bone Collector Museum, a must-see for those interested in natural history.

Despite its status as a major economic center, the city is also home to Mt. Apo, one of the highest cities in the country. This makes Davao City a great place to visit for aspiring hikers, too. Accommodation is also highly affordable in the city, whether temporary or permanent, and you can find a hotel or condo in Davao that suits your budget.

Cebu City

As the oldest city and first capital of the Philippines, Cebu is a must-visit location for those with an interest in history. In particular, the old Spanish forts and the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, the first Catholic church in the Philippines, are beautiful buildings with a rich history. 

Its history is far from the only thing Cebu has to offer, however. As a coastal city surrounded by over 150 beautiful islands, the city contains countless secluded white sand beaches and an excellent reputation for street food. The Sugbo Mercado, the largest food market in the city, is especially well-known and offers a huge array of local and Pan-Asian cuisine.


Often referred to as the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio remains a highly popular destination among both tourists and locals alike. This is primarily due to its temperate climate that stands out from other major locales in the dry season. In addition, Bagui is also a great option for retirees or those less comfortable with hotter temperatures.

Elsewhere, Baguio is famous for its plentiful open, green spaces and parks offering a wide variety of exciting activities for visitors. Because of its significance during the United States’ occupation of the Philippines, Baguio also has a lot to see from a historical and cultural perspective.

4 Stunning and Affordable Places in The Philippines 

Lipa City

For visitors looking for scenic landscapes, the city of Lipa in the Batangas province is definitely worth considering. Like Baguio, it is situated high in the hills and has a cooler climate which can, making it much more livable during the summer months. Due to its high altitude, it naturally offers great hiking opportunities.

What also makes Lipa City a must-visit is its proximity to the metropolitan streets of Manila and the tranquil beaches of Batangas. If you’re looking for a weekend destination that isn’t too far from Manila and the National Capital Region, Lipa City is your best bet.

From Luzon all the way to Mindanao, the Philippines boasts plenty of cities that strike a balance between affordability and beauty. Not only do you get to enjoy the country’s natural sights and rich culture, but you also won’t have to break the bank. On top of the local’s hospitable nature, you’re sure to have a memorable stay in this island paradise!

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