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  • SEIRANRI Public Area Gives World’s Largest Restroom A New Meaning

    SEIRANRI Public Area is a restroom like no other – the former 80 square metre restroom was turned into a 1450 square metre public space inspired by black hole gravity!  The cinematic space bathing in green and purple is located in SEIRANRI a complex in the CBD of Binjiang District, Hangzhou (China). The design team […] More

  • The Tour Of Bachledka Summit Facilities by COMPASS ARCHITEKTI

    Take a tour of the Bachledka Summit Facilities in Slovakia coming from the drawing table of COMPASS ARCHITEKTI.  The project is located at the top of Mala Poľana on the ridge of Spišská Magura where in season the area is visited by more than 6,000 tourists. The site is known for its skiing, hiking, biking […] More

  • Discover The Aluminum Mountain Project by Wutopia Lab

    Wutopia Lab shares with us their work on the proposed project for the Aluminum Mt in Mt. Luofu, Canton. Originally the space served as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Industrial Park Exhibition Center of Ping An Real Estate and Guangzhou Fangyuan Group. Today, with the reshape by Wutopia Lab the city of Guangdong in China […] More

  • New Pingshan Eye by RMJM Shenzhen

    New Pingshan Eye by RMJM Shenzhen

    RMJM’s Shenzhen designed the New Pingshan Eye, that will act as a gateway into Pingshan New District. The project achieves the feat to integrate both the concepts of “Openness” and “Enclosure” and will become an attraction thanks to its unconventional shape and aesthetics. Discover more after the jump. More

  • Khalkedon Penthouse by Studio Escape From Sofa

    Designed by Escape from Sofa, this inspiring penthouse apartment is located in Erenköy, a peaceful spot in Turkish capitol Istanbul. The layout is combined with two floors including one dining & living room, a kitchen, two master, one double guest, one single guest room and a wide terrace space. Architects used bold wallpapers to accent […] More

  • Fuzhou Vanke Golden Field of International Reception Center by WATERFROM DESIGN

    Fuzhou Vanke Golden Field of International Reception Center by WATERFROM DESIGN

    WATERFROM DESIGN teamed up with IF Design on the project of the Fuzhou Vanke Golden Field of International Reception Center.“Gathering” is the main conceptual axis of the center, and is aimed to build a social field that plays a role in the emotional attachment of contemporary life. Here, people can stay naturally, gather and interact. […] More

  • Oxalis Restaurant by Sò Studio

    Oxalis Restaurant by Sò Studio

    Sò Studio recently completed works on this stunning 260 m2 restaurant located in Shanghai, China. The interior design of the restaurant is inspired by the French farmyards and the chef’s philosophy of food, rooted in the seasons and nature. So Sò Studio uses modern design language to tell a ‘Glowing Mysteries’, and move the French […] More

  • VERSACE Furniture by Interior Designer Sasha Bikoff

    Versace Furniture teams up with Interior Design Sasha Bikoff for a special presentation at the ongoing Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami.  The “South Beach Stories” exhibition is to also host a series of images from a book published by Gianni Versace in 1993.  The book featured images captured by photographer Doug Ordway spotlight […] More

  • Avenue Green Sheshan in Shanghai by ELTO

    Avenue Green Sheshan in Shanghai by ELTO

    ELTO designed the interiors for this innovative kindergarten project located in Shanghai, China. The design of the interior spaces is highly geometrical which challenges the children’s visual experience, while the rooms are arranged with a narrative-inspired twist. The architects also utilized the building’s natural phenomenon of sunlight into the interior space to create a sense […] More

  • Lace In Architecture The Most Inspiring Projects

    Throughout the ages lace has inspired architecture and vice versa, the enchanting beauty has served as an inspiration for rose windows of cathedrals as well as modern architecture and buildings such as Musée du Louvre in Abu Dhabi but also modern homes and buildings. The inspiration found in lace fabric materials has shaped some of […] More

  • Take A Tour of Prada Resort 2020 Showspace by OMA/AMO

    Take a tour of the PRADA Resort 2020 showspace designed by the label’s longtime collaborator famed architecture practice OMA and it’s research and design studio AMO. When it comes to Prada’s latest showspace the architects wanted a unique mix of industrial and domestic while creating a lounge like environment of the showspace.  The resort 2020 […] More

  • A 100-Year-Old Church Transformed Into Colorful Skate Park

    We at Archi SCENE love this stunning intervention – A historic church in llanera, Spain was transformed into a skate-park by acclaimed Spanish street-artist Okuda San Miguel. The project is titled Kaos Temple. Created in collaboration with La Iglesia Skate park and Red Bull, San Miguel covered the interior in vibrant colors and patterns that match the […] More

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