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Urban Greenhouse by SWECO

Urban Greenhouse SWECO

Project: Urban Greenhouse
Designed by SWECO Architects AB
Location: Linköping, Sweden 
Urban Greenhouse is a concept project explored by SWECO Architects AB, see more after the jump:

Urban Greenhouse SWECOUrban Greenhouse SWECOUrban Greenhouse SWECOUrban Greenhouse SWECO

From the Architects:

Enriching project #15,789 of 31,000. Sweco is studying alternative ways to farm locally and space-efficiently.

While the global population continues to expand at a rapid rate, 80 per cent of all land suitable for crop production is already being used for other purposes. With traditional farming practices, the Earth’s arable land will not be sufficient to produce enough food for this growing population.

In response to this challenge, the Swedish company Plantagon has collaborated with Sweco to develop a vertical greenhouse for the urban environment. The greenhouse will make it possible to farm ecologically and vertically. Sweco has studied all the technical systems that will make the greenhouse work.

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