What Are The Latest Architectural Trends In The UK?

The UK architecture scene is a dynamic world. If neutral tones were the thing for 2016, this year the focus is on bolder shades. On the other hand, we are also witnessing a healthy continuation of green revolution in construction in 2017 that began to take shape last year. A lot of other interesting stuff are happening as well across the English architectural sphere. The post below jots down the latest architectural trends in the UK this year.

Smart buildings with IoT

One of the most striking architectural trends in the UK of late is incorporation of IoT (Internet of Things) in modern buildings. Incorporation of such a state of the art technology is helping with automation of some of the major functions inside a building- like water and energy consumption. Put simply, the technology is making the new UK homes and apartments “smart” backed by improved efficiency, safety & sustainability.

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Rise in sustainable buildings

2016 rolled in the trend for sustainable architecture in the UK and it’s great that the trend is rolling further this year as well- and in a much bigger scale. From sourcing the building materials from eco-friendly sources to shifting to renewable energies- the UK construction is steadily going green these days. We are hopeful to witness more of this positive trend in the coming years.

Emphasis on space efficient designs

Space efficient design is not a new thing in the architectural scene but it’s importance is increasing with each passing year. Engineers and designers are coming up with diverse range of space-efficient solutions every year to ensure more functionality in less floor space. One of the good examples here is Fakro loft ladders. These loft ladders eliminate the need of space-consuming staircases and assure a smarter way to access the loft areas.

Another good example of space efficient architectural design is construction of rooms with open-plan structure. Such rooms eliminate the need of having separate rooms for separate activities and sport a plan that will allow you to perform multiple activities in one room only.

Retro styles making a comeback

This is another important point to mention when we are discussing the latest trends in the UK architecture scene in 2017. According to market experts, retro styles like terracotta and cork are making a steady comeback in English construction zone today. The terracotta pattern would be especially seen in tiles, precisely those for conservatories and kitchens. On the other hand, cork could be used for walls and floors to bring in a warm earthy feel.

Prefab buildings are gaining grounds

Prefab buildings are also getting popular this time and that too for all the good reasons. First, it’s a safe, simple, economical and faster building technique that can get your house up in just 24 hours. In fact, prefab building technology is even being favored by the UK government as a plausible solution for the current housing crisis. Besides, the prefab building technology does not talk about compromising on design aesthetics.

Images from Napoli Afragola Station by Zaha Hadid Architects

Penthouse in Barcelona by Susanna Cots

Home in London by EMR Home Design