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Canada House Dublin by Powerhouse Company

Powerhouse Company designed this stunning luxurious office interior located in Dublin,Ireland, in 2017. The design includes an inviting entrance lobby with a restaurant, large congress room, fitness area, four office floors and an executive floor at the top of the building. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: For a firm operating in the world of air travel, Powerhouse Company designed an office interior with streamlined curves and luxurious finishings. The 6,500 m² interior design includes an inviting entrance lobby with a restaurant, large congress room, fitness area, four office floors and an executive floor at the top of the building, and seeks to evoke the timeless glamour of travel. The material palette includes local natural stone, wood veneers, high-quality fabric and carpet, glass partitions and curved design lines, which give the interior a sleek, streamlined feel. Whether waiting in the mid-century-modern lobby or ascending the winding wenge staircase, the golden days of air travel are never far away. At the same time, the elegant interior aims for the highest standards when it comes to sustainability, setting the tone for the future.

Making movement possible

Meeting face-to-face with clients and colleagues from other countries, for an international firm operating in the travel industry it is a rare and valuable commodity. The office in Dublin incorporates a multitude of different spaces designed to encourage interaction, formal and informal; pleasant environments for communicating with colleagues, external advisors, and clients. The aim of the design was to create a luxurious spatial experience within a classic and timeless building, an interior that encourages movement throughout the building as well as exchange. To achieve this, the layout of the ground floor has an inviting atmosphere. The curved walls and finishes of the reception lobby introduce the aesthetic tone and materials for the office floors.

Future proof through flexibility and interaction

All office floors have subtle differences in order to optimize spatial orientation within the building. For example, the first and second floor boasts a partially open floor plan, while the third and fourth floor are fitted out with offices along the facades. The fifth floor, slightly smaller in an area, accommodates the executive offices which enjoy a magnificent view over the adjacent park. Founding partner and architect Nanne de Ru: “To future-proof the building, we have used several effective design tools, like the winding communication staircase that connects the office floors with each other to promote interaction between employees. We also chose for interchangeable room settings, and for a delicate balance between open space and closed offices. This plays an important role in the office’s flexibility and sustainability.”

Details and craftsmanship

Attention to detail can be discerned throughout the entirety of the project. The office floors and corridors are covered with carpet in several made to measure tones, which echo the flowing lines of the LED light ceiling coves. The elliptical communication staircase has double curved soffits finished in a wengé veneer. The craftsmanship of this sculptural stair element adds to the overall high quality. The staircase lands on circular shaped elements of white terrazzo bordered by a thin brass line, which shows an exquisite level of detail. The same terrazzo is used for the entrance lobby, restaurant and staff coffee areas: all areas where interaction is key.


Elegant and sustainable

To achieve the LEED Platinum certification, careful coordination of the aesthetic aspirations and technical requirements was necessary. The result is an elegant, high-end office design that provides an inspiring and sustainable work environment where both employees and clients feel welcome right away.

Photographs Kim Zwarts

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