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  • Studio VARA

    Redwood Highway by Studio VARA

    Studio VARA has unveiled a groundbreaking adaptive reuse project on Redwood Highway in Mill Valley, California. This project has successfully turned a mundane commercial box building into a stunning, light-filled courtyard office space tailored to the needs of an exclusive residential builder with a discerning clientele. The driving force behind this exceptional architectural endeavor was […] More

  • DQV Architects

    DQV Architects design Inspire Hub Hybrid Office

    DQV Architects have once again pushed the boundaries of workplace design with their latest project, the “Inspire Hub Hybrid Office,” in Thu Duc City. This architectural marvel represents a groundbreaking shift in office space, emphasizing flexibility, collaboration, and employee well-being. A Vision for Flexibility and Quality of Life The Inspire Hub Hybrid Office is strategically […] More

  • Feldman Architecture

    Salesforce Tower Office Space by Feldman Architecture

    Feldman Architecture has completed work on a stunning office space perched above the 50th floor in downtown San Francisco, California. The project has transformed a pristine 10,000-square-foot space on the tower’s 50th floor into the West Coast headquarters for a global financial firm. This endeavor has seamlessly integrated residential sensibilities into a cutting-edge workplace, providing […] More

  • ZIKZAK Architects

    Genesis Office by ZIKZAK Architects

    The Genesis Corporation, a leading IT company known for its innovative approach to business, has partnered with ZIKZAK Architects to create a cutting-edge workspace that blends functionality, aesthetics, and technology. The result is the stunning Office for Genesis, a 2500 square meter workspace designed to inspire continuous improvement and promote work efficiency among its employees. […] More

  • ZIKZAK Architects

    Enalian by ZIKZAK Architects

    Enalian, a prominent legal company in Cyprus, has unveiled its newly designed office in Limassol, a workspace that aims to transport clients into an environment of calm and relaxation. ZIKZAK Architects spearheaded the project, transforming the office into a serene haven inspired by the tranquil coastal landscapes of the island. Enalian recognized the need for […] More

  • EskewDumezRipple

    EskewDumezRipple reveals the newly renovated office space for Second Harvest in New Orleans

    In a momentous occasion for both the organization and the community it serves, Second Harvest, one of the largest food banks in the region, has unveiled its newly renovated headquarters in New Orleans. The transformation of their workspace , designed by EskewDumezRipple, not only reflects their mission to end hunger but also provides a welcoming […] More

  • Fletcher Priest Architects

    Fletcher Priest Architects unveils Interiors of Private Office in Knightsbridge, London

    Fletcher Priest recently completed the meticulous interior design and fit-out of two floors at the prestigious One Hooper’s Court. This remarkable project was commissioned by a discerning private client hailing from the investment management industry. The interiors, envisioned by the interior design team of the practice, beautifully embody the design narrative of the building lobby and the expansive […] More

  • TEF Design

    Financial Investment Company Headquarters by TEF Design

    TEF Design has recently completed work on a new interiors office project, Financial Investment Company Headquarters, located in San Francisco, California. Leveraging off the shelf products to create bespoke results, and detailed with an (obsession) for light, materiality and craft, this tenant improvement transforms an existing 8,000-square-feet of built office space and adjacent 5,000-square-feet of […] More

  • Aurora Design

    Aurora Design Office in Kunming: Innovative Adventure in the “City of Spring”

    Aurora Design has unveiled its latest masterpiece – the Aurora Design Office in Kunming. Situated in the heart of the enchanting “City of Spring,” this groundbreaking project marries innovation with aesthetics, ushering in a new era of imaginative office spaces. The Aurora Design Office is a captivating fusion of novelty, adventure, and heritage – a […] More

  • Zaha Hadid Architects

    Zaha Hadid Architects Chosen to Build Daxia Tower

    In an exciting announcement at a ceremony in Xi’an, Daxia Group revealed that Zaha Hadid Architects has been awarded the prestigious contract to construct the highly anticipated Daxia Tower at the heart of the city’s flourishing development zone. Xi’an, known for its rich historical significance as the ancient capital and the eastern gateway of the […] More

  • Graham Baba Architects

    Graham Baba Architects design The Shop by Porter

    Graham Baba Architects have recently completed work on their latest project in Seattle, Washington – The Shop by Porter. The Shop effortlessly merges the realms of hospitality and design, creating a harmonious space that caters to events, offices, and immersive retail experiences. It stands as a hub for the vibrant creative community, recognizing the significance […] More

  • ZIKZAK Architects

    Prague Office “Chromatic” by ZIKZAK Architects

    ZIKZAK Architects have recently completed work on their latest office project in Prague, Czech Republic. The workspace concept is centered on a contemporary and streamlined design aesthetic, characterized by the integration of vibrant hues, luminous neon illumination, and sleek metallic finishes. The design team has meticulously crafted a captivating narrative, weaving together elements that revolve […] More

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