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China Comic and Animation Museum by EMBT

Comic Animation Museum

Project: China Comic and Animation Museum
Designed by EMBT
Architects: Benedetta Tagiabue, Miralles Tagliabue EMBT
Project Director: Daniel Rosselló
Structural Engineer: Julio Martínez calzón, MC2 Estudio de Ingeniería
Client: Headquarter of Hangzhou White Horse Lake Creative Town
Location: Hangzhou, China
EMBT's proposal for the massive China Comic and Animation Museum to be constructed in the fast growing city of Hangzhou. For more images and architects description continue after the jump:

Comic Animation MuseumComic Animation MuseumComic Animation MuseumComic Animation MuseumComic Animation MuseumComic Animation MuseumComic Animation MuseumComic Animation MuseumComic Animation MuseumComic Animation Museum

From the Architects:

The magical island will be a complete experience with natural and  artificial features that will play together with the comic museum experience. A whole reinvention of the concept of a museum experience, a very brand new concept that will be thought exclusively for the city of Hangzhou and for China; making it become a world unique reference in its field. The museum will be very innovative and will attract people of every age not only from china but from all over the globe as a new Chinese attraction park for fantasy and imagination. The museum is a landmark that will trigger the complete landscape of white horse lake. a very respectful but at the same time very colorful and recognizable landmark the surroundings will play a very important and interactive role in the project. it will be transformed in some kind of magic land that will enhance the impossible, it will dare the mind to reach unexpected levels of imagination. A building that understands the chinese landscape and will turn its immediate surroundings of the white horse lake as famous as the west lake from Hangzhou. Before. After. The magical island has floated upwards in order to improve its relationship with the first phase, allowing a better comprehension and view of the whole complex. The magical island will now be a whole new experience of the imagination in nature, starting from the ramp that will take you down to a underwater underworld. from there visitants will be able to experience underwater views from the lake mixed with giant screens that will project animations from comics all around the world. a double height space will enlarge the vision and the experience, going from underneath a cluster of waterlilies up to the floating baskets.The roof will now be an artificial landscape full of trees and green areas, a new experience in nature. a new garden from where to enjoy the views of the white horse lake. 

Collaborators: Francesca Origa, Gabriele Rotelli, Felipe Pecegueiro, Francesca Neus Frontera, Tomas Montis, William Mathers, Silvia Rio, Ana Catalina Villareal Yarto, Roberto Palau Tamez, Vaiva Simliunaite, Iker Alzola, Ana Redondo, Mar Flores , Diego Javier Parra, Beatriz Cabanillas Macìas.

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