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Winning Proposal of Taipei City Museum of Art

Winning Taipei Museum

Project: Taipei City Museum of Art
Designed by Jean-loup BALDACCI & Atelier BORONSKI
Design Team: Peter Boronski and Jean-loup Baldacci; Assisted by: AKio Takatsuka, Nicolas Wehrung, Machi Ikuta
Rush Hour Extra Team: Christophe Atamaniuk, Matthieu Bonato, Michael Pepper, Luke Jackson, Atsuki Ayama
Special Thanks: Lyli Chung, Shih-Yuan Wang, Yuki UCHIDA
Client: New Taipei City Government
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Website: &
One of the competitions to mark the now closing year 2011 must be the Taipei City Museum of Art (joined by Busan Opera house), while a slew of the proposals have quite an avant-garde sentiment the winning proposal by Jean-loup BALDACCI & Atelier BORONSKI also delivers practical side to the solution. 

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Winning Taipei MuseumWinning Taipei MuseumWinning Taipei Museum

From the Architects:

This is not a museum as singular object but rather a field of overlapping volumes, surfaces that form compressing and expanding interior and exterior spaces, a quasi-urban “field” to wander on. It is more a “stream of consciousness” to dive into than a building as signature object. Partial figures caught mid-flight, like a digital river – frozen. Rather than seeking to distinguish itself by formal separation from its surroundings this building seeks to distinguish itself by formal integration. In a gesture that is both literal and conceptual it seeks to connect with its physical site and with the ever-changing phenomenon called Art that it seeks to house.

Winning Taipei MuseumWinning Taipei MuseumWinning Taipei Museum

Like the various historical, political and cultural influences that have been converging and working to shape the modern democracy of Taiwan this museum sweeps up out of the ground in a dis-array of fluid elements, curving and crossing like the waters of the converging Yingge & Dahan rivers below. These elements are containers that struggle to contain, as they themselves slip, bulge and emerge. There are compartments but they are not regular, and there are volumes and voids… Their understanding requires movement, a changing of positions, like a cinematic experience. Stasis is not comfortable in this house.

Winning Taipei Museum

Like the paths that roam over this building these elements lead away from the idea of ‘object’ and its correlative sanctifying, towards fields of multiple associations that are anticipative of the necessity of change. They lead to a pliable and porous organism that promotes multiple & alternative forms of thought.

Together they form a place to nurture and experience the convergence and re-positioning of the endless stream of ideas, passion and craft that is art.

Winning Taipei MuseumWinning Taipei MuseumWinning Taipei MuseumWinning Taipei MuseumWinning Taipei MuseumWinning Taipei MuseumWinning Taipei MuseumWinning Taipei MuseumWinning Taipei Museum


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